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Current Poll Results

A reasonable XS-NRG Prize for a successful test of an O/U device would be:

$100,0004 %4 %4 % 4.99% (20)
$500,0003 %3 %3 % 3.49% (14)
$1,000,00014 %14 %14 % 14.21% (57)
$2,000,0002 %2 %2 % 2.49% (10)
$5,000,0009 %9 %9 % 9.48% (38)
$10,000,00020 %20 %20 % 20.20% (81)
$20,000,0007 %7 %7 % 7.23% (29)
$100,000,00034 %34 %34 % 34.16% (137)
other (comment pls)3 %3 %3 % 3.74% (15)

Total Votes: 401

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"A reasonable XS-NRG Prize for a successful test of an O/U device would be:" | Login/Create an Account | 4 comments
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Re: A reasonable XS-NRG Prize for a successful test of an O/ (Score: 1)
by mojo on Friday, April 18, 2008 @ 12:14:15 GMT
(User Info | Send a Message)

I would say that it depends on what the output of the device is and how easily it would scale up.

Extract from the Xtreme Science Foundation XS-NRG prize prop (Score: 1)
by vlad on Sunday, March 02, 2008 @ 18:02:32 GMT
(User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com

History has shown that the most significant breakthroughs in science and technology arose as marked departures from conventional thinking. Generally such new views challenged long established paradigms and were therefore ignored or actively resisted by the old guard.

The peer review process, which normally is relied on to determine which ideas out of the many should be considered and eventually become funded, is often subject to this bias. As a result, new ideas that could potentially produce scientific and/or technological breakthroughs are generally ignored by the conventional science and media and consequently rarely get noticed by the business community for funding. Thus most work carried out in today's research institutions tends to be traditional, rather than innovative.

The Xtreme Science Foundation (XSF) will be formed to circumvent this problem. It will serve as an open access podium for all inventors/innovators out there to present their work for proper and honest validation and as a vehicle through which donors may reward/fund the high-quality leading-edge techno-scientific accomplishments/research that otherwise would have great difficulty finding recognition and financial support. We hope such an organization will help to discover new technologies & concepts necessary to mankind's survival in the new age that is now upon us. Fortunately, there is no shortage of open mind and extremely innovative people out there who have no problems challenging what many still believe to be "The Impossible".

Criteria for winning the XS-NRG prize

All inventors who have a working prototype device of a truly fuel-less energy generator are invited to apply. Fuel-less means the generator does not consume (need) any fuel for operation beyond what it requires for start-up (batteries, super-capacitors or other type of energy storage devices that are alternatively charged and discharged by the device itself during operation are OK). The class of technologies we're targeting with this first prize are primarily electro-magnetic, electro-static or plasma-based devices capable of tapping the vacuum/zero-point/cosmic energy fields for useful power.

The validation tests will be conducted by, preferably, three independent reputable laboratories (university or industrial, government and/or private) that will be selected from those willing to accept to participate in this historic, public-demanded challenge. The labs will have to sign an NDA with the inventor and also agree to widely publish the results of the tests (positive or negative) soon after completion.

Based on an agreed-upon protocol with the inventor (open to public scrutiny) the testing labs will certify that the device works as claimed and, on a stand-alone, self-powered basis, can continuously generate a minimum of at least one watt of excess (useful) average output power (similar to Dr. Harold E. Puthoff's "One-Watt Challenge"). These criteria are simple and clear in defining success, consequently trying to avoid otherwise-complex input/output power and energy measurements (such measurements are difficult for most people to understand, and are open to never-ending challenges by the experts themselves).

We understand that the self-powered-operation requirement will limit the number of free energy devices which could qualify for the XS-NRG prize, but we think the public would want to start with examining these extraordinary claims first.

In case of more than one device being successful, a vote taken among all the XSF fund contributors will choose the winning technology based on other valuable characteristics exhibited by each device, such as actual useful power generated, developmental stage, marketability, power per size/weight ratio, etc. All these considerations will be proposed and agreed upon in advance.

The fund will cover the expenses incurred by all candidates during the testing phase. Candidates will only have to agree to the wide publication of the test results (passed or failed). The inventors can each choose whether or not they want to disclose any other information about themselves and/or their technology. There are no other obligations between the inventor and the XSF administrators with respect to the future of the respective technology. Certainly, the successful inventors will trigger a lot of interest from the outside world, and they are entitled to use their newly acquired status to proceed with further development of their invention, as they see fit.

The goal of the XSF and its XS-NRG prize is to prove or disprove to science and the public the truth behind these extraordinary claims for breakthrough energy devices. Even with the majority of experts giving a very low probability for these claims to be true, the potential positive impact if just one of them turns out to be real is so great that we cannot afford to ignore them. Actually, given the present condition of the global energy and environmental crisis we already experience, we have a duty to explore the slightest chance that a claim is real.


We have examined the "exotic" energy research community for a number of years, with an open mind but a critical eye. We believe that open-mindedness is the hallmark of good science. We also believe that central to good scientific practice is the assessment of evidence, even when this assessment may challenge the current scientific paradigm -- the prevailing set of assumptions about how the world works.

The actual performance of a small number of more or less complex but ingenious nonconventional energy devices remain to this day to be confirmed by science, and their unusual functioning properly explained. We also know that suppression of disruptive technologies for economic and/or "national security" reasons is officially happening through the patent office and the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951.

Until science can objectively examine the evidence, the verdict on the reality of such devices is still out there. That uncertainty is exactly what the Xtreme Science Foundation and the XS-NRG prize will try to remove, with the help of science and all of the responsible people and organizations out there.

By proving or disproving such extraordinary claims, XSF will:

  1. Help remove the uncertainty -- in the public's mind and among scientists -- surrounding these devices and, consequently, clean up and speed up the identification and recognition of breakthrough research in the energy field,
  2. Protect the public against false claims (fraudulent or not) by XSF becoming a prerequisite test to pass for any such technology before soliciting investment,
  3. Contribute to leveling the playing field for every inventor (today, maverick inventors struggle outside the mainstream of funding and acknowledgment),
  4. Encourage out of the box thinking to resolve the great problems we're facing in our struggle to safeguard a decent future for humankind and all life on Earth.

All of you voting in this survey are invited to comment and give me your feedback about this proposal. Those who want to join and get actively involved in the setting up of the SXF pls contact me directly. Thank you.


Re: A reasonable XS-NRG Prize for a successful test of an O/ (Score: 1)
by vlad on Saturday, March 08, 2008 @ 23:04:21 GMT
(User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com

People, please be "reasonable" ... read the proposed terms of the prize in my comment above. This is not buying the IP or the "rights" to the technology by the XSF. The inventor(s) does/do not have to do anything else but allow testing and proper scientific validation of the device, under strict NDA agreements.

We are only interested to find out the truth about existing alleged O/U technologies, and make sure that the whole world (and the scientific community in special) knows about it so that this news/truth will be impossible to ignore or suppress. Of course, this prize will only be tempting to the genuine inventor(s), but again, there are "no strings" attached to this prize, no other hidden requirements from the winner(s) or commitments from the XSF relative to the respective technology (such as commercialization). The real money to be made by the inventor(s) will be from selling the IP or bringing it to the market, etc. Consequently, I would say a $100 mil prize would be nice but not reasonable (I know, I put it there, but mostly for ...symetry :).


Re: A reasonable XS-NRG Prize for a successful test of an O/ (Score: 1)
by techmac on Tuesday, April 01, 2008 @ 18:14:08 GMT
(User Info | Send a Message) http://www.geocities.com/mgmlab04

This reminds me of the history of powered flight, early nineteen hundreds. Deep pockets were offering 10,000 dollar awards for distance competition flights. This was when a few dollars was daily pay.
I think 500,000 USD would suffice for the inventor of a fueless generator. An airplane costs a lot to build but so does technology today. Angel investors would likely take up any slack in helping the inventor go commercial.


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