Alternative battery technology
Date: Tuesday, October 26, 2004 @ 11:10:44 GMT
Topic: Devices

With increasing regulations surrounding Lithium, this might be a way to go...

Zinc Matrix Power Inc. was formed to develop high-performance rechargeable alkaline battery technology for commercial and military markets. The Company currently holds ten key patents relating to rechargeable alkaline zinc batteries. ZMP?s most advanced battery chemistries appear to exceed both the energy and power per volume of other available rechargeable battery chemistries.

The Company has validated the rechargeability of its designs through a two year beta test at a leading U.S. commodity exchange with floor traders successfully using handheld wireless computing devices powered by the Company?s batteries for full eight hour work days. Several test batteries provided a full year of eight hour per day service.

The Company will be offering Zinc Matrix Power Battery Technology to laptop, tablet and hand held computer manufacturers via a joint technology collaboration agreement with Intel Corporation. Zinc Matrix Power, Inc. is also working with an established US military organization to supply batteries to select D.O.D. applications.

The Company is interested in establishing similar strategic marketing programs with a leading cell phone manufacturer, a major car company (for hybrid vehicles) and for assisted mobility applications.

Link: Zinc Matrix Power Inc.

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