Brian O'Leary Rallies New Energy Movement Conference (PES reports)
Date: Wednesday, September 29, 2004 @ 17:36:56 MST
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by Susan M. Carter - Pure Energy Systems News

Opening speaker Sept. 25, 2004 pumps audience to courageous forge ahead in pariah science today that will be the mainstay of tomorrow. First of two presentations given by O'Leary at the conference.

"We recognize that the single most highly leveraged opportunity for advancement toward solving complex global problems lies in a transformation in the way human civilization generates and utilizes energy."

-- New Energy Movement Motto


Dr. Brian O'Leary could be described as astronaut, college professor or political energy advisor, but the best title to give him is iconoclast. Excommunicated from the priesthood of science for his study of New Energy, he is the founder of the New Energy Movement organization and was the opening speaker for their flagship conference in Portland, Oregon this weekend, Sept 26th and 27th.

O'Leary quoted Mignon McGlauflin, "Society honors its live conformists and dead troublemakers." Dr. O'Leary, obviously headed for future fame, quipped that New Energy scientists seem to have a shortened life expectancy. He sobered quickly and was visibly moved while honoring Gene Mallove, murdered in May.
Dr. O'Leary, listing broad global challenges such as war, pollution and population growth, declared we must "muster the courage to change" and that the only true solution to our gravest problems is a broad based social movement. Warming to his theme and true to his iconclastic nature he said, "We must dissolve the myths that hold us back as a civilization. There are NO laws in physics. There is no Second Law of Thermodynamics. There are only theories, and the theories need to be changed to match the facts."
The last myth he wished to see dissolved is that the US government is going to do the research and development needed to solve the energy problems. Quoting Bertrand Russell, he said, "The resistance to a new idea increases as the square of its importance."

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