Tilley Foundation back in the news
Date: Tuesday, September 28, 2004 @ 14:07:45 MST
Topic: Devices

Another electric car built and is being tested outside Tennessee to protect the technology from being suppressed or seized, Carl Tilley, Inventor

From their site: "Despite rumors, false statements, threats and Government attempts to suppress and disrupt the Tilley Foundation, Inc in its quest to offer an all electric vehicle and a alternative power source to homes for public use, the Tilley Foundation continued on at a highly accelerated pace..

Less than a week after the state seized the items Tilley was in the process of building another electric car and two home power units out of the state to protect the technology.

Preliminary testing of the new electric vehicle prototype has been completed and results are listed below. This information was verified by several engineers connected with interested concerns for the rights to the technology... "

Source: http://tilleyfoundation.com/vehicle.htm

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