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Date: Monday, September 27, 2004 @ 13:58:05 MST
Topic: Testimonials

Mike Carrell writes (hydrino list): The Correas have called to my attention some short remarks about their work which I made in response to a question from Nora Baron. In brevity, it is possible to gain misconceptions about my visit with them and their demonstration of the PAGD cell.

I came as a guest, and I was shown the PAGD cell in operation and discharge waveforms on a computer in the next room. The necessary circuit elements were in place, including the battery packs on a nearby table. As I said previously, everything I saw was consistent with the Correa patents, discussions with the Correas, and my article for IE. The demonstration was of an operating cell, and did not include the full demonstration including calibration of the battery packs and measurement of 'excess energy' accumulated in the batteries after extended operaiton; that part of the demonstration is lengthy and done for serious prospective investors.

It is my opinion that the Coirrea's work is careful and the PAGD phenomenon is quite possibly transduction of 'aether' energy into storable electrical form.

Mike Carrell

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