Global Warming will only be prevented by private investment
Date: Thursday, September 16, 2004 @ 11:40:45 MST
Topic: Science

$350 Million was recently gifted to the petroleum companies by the Bush administration, for my exact proposal that the DOE twice refused to fund for $200,000 - the efficient conversion of petroleum into H2. Indirectly, the DOE has valued this single application of my plasma technology at $350 Million and some of the funded companies even tried to buy prototypes from me. Maybe they will decide that the patent should be purchased - then what?

Now, self funded and without government funding or outside investment, I have constructed the first on board micro-plasma fuel processor prototype as proposed to the DOE. It is based on my New Plasma technology as covered by my US patent. Currently the processor measures 14 x 8 x 3.5 inches. The processor is a sealed unit that cracks "any" quality agricultural oil or petroleum product into hydrogen and removable byproducts. Larger processors will create higher H2 production volumes and after six years of self funded research - outside investment is required to continue. H2 filling stations can be supplied by a processor the size of a mini-van. The prototype processor consumes under 100 watts and a processor large enough to run a vehicle solely on generated hydrogen will also consume under 100 watts, however it will cost considerably more to build. This is possible only because the technology is NEW and not understood scientifically - and the plasma can also make synthetic diamond as certified by Charles Evans and new associates in Hong Kong.

In the past I have resisted talk of using this Plasma technology to crack the H2 from water. If a private investor is interested in this avenue, now is the time to move forward. By specific modifications to the current fuel processor, the plasma can crack the H2 from water. Built larger, it will produce H2 in great enough volumes to power any sized vehicle - at under 100 watts power draw.

My plasma technology also offers certified synthetic diamond production while consuming under 100 watts, while other synthetic diamond (diamond like carbon (DLC)) production devices normally operate at over 7 Kilo watts yet produce only a fraction of the Synthetic Diamond that my device can. And the 7 Kw device weighs 1500 pounds while my current synthetic diamond production prototype is under 40 pounds.

The plasma will also destroy toxic waste and garbage, however the company startup must occur first and Synthetic Diamond or Hydrogen production are avenues of fastest investment return.

So if everyone only wants to complain and bitch about global warming and not fund the solution, there will come a day when all will be silent - and the only howling will be done by the wind.

If you are not an accredited investor, please do not ask for further information about the private placement memorandum as by SEC regulation I will not proceed with unaccredited investors.

Warmest Regards,
Chris Arnold

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