Aether Physics Model ready for review
Date: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 @ 23:01:41 MST
Topic: Science

Earlier I posted concerning the discovery within the Quantum Physics Model of an equation that shows how to tap the ZPE. It is based on the Casimir effect. Since last posting a full book has been written on a new system of physics and has evolved to become the Aether Physics Model. The theory includes a mathematically correct Unified Force Theory based on empirical data. The theory now also explains dark matter and precisely quantifies the neutrino in terms of folded Aether. this book will be a must read for all free energy researchers.

Presently the manuscripts are being produced and will be shipped on September 13th. We have PhDs in physics and other disciplines already committed as reviewers. If events continue to unfold on schedule the book will be printed and available near the end of December 2004. For updates, you can visit our web site at If you feel you are qualified to review the Aether Physics Model, you can contact me at We do ask for a standard disclosure agreement and for the review to be completed by October 15th.

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