Date: Saturday, August 21, 2004 @ 18:47:44 GMT
Topic: Science

by Ken Shoulders


Electron clusters, or EVOs, are shown to be ideal candidates for electrical power generation using easily available methods for manipulation of electronic charge. The work to be done is described as manipulation of the exotic vacuum in a way that takes advantage of the ability to move the EVO against an electrical load using only a fraction of the input power usually used, resulting in an energy gain. However, the high intensity of the process and ease of applying it to mischievous ends portend future difficulties with its use.


It has long been known by the author that the best form of charge manipulation for the generation of electrical power involved the use of EVs, or EVOs, in a relatively free form in either vacuum or low gas pressure. This basic method was the subject of a patent issued to Shoulders in 1991(2) for anomalous energy conversion. It was also determined early on that this discovery opened an undesirable gateway to high energy misuse of such charge structures and the work was then turned to more benign solid state methods of thermal energy production, closely related to what is called "cold fusion". Unfortunately, the difficulty of designing an acceptable machine for anomalous energy production was unacceptably large, primarily due to the fundamental, self-destructive nature of the process and the inability to find a feasible way to automatically rebuild the machine for a useful lifetime. This difficulty has now redirected the work toward the original process of using EVOs in a near solid-state form while immersed in low-pressure gas containers. The attendant difficulties of mischievous use of EVOs on an unprecedented level are the secondary subject of this paper, to which the author has no viable solutions.

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