The Allais effect: A flaw in General Relativity?
Date: Friday, August 20, 2004 @ 21:27:44 GMT
Topic: Science

Since that first observation, the “Allais effect”, as it is now called, has confounded physicists. If the effect is real, it could indicate a hitherto unperceived flaw in General Relativity—the current explanation of how gravity works. Read Article (Source:The Economist)

Conventional explanations for observations of anomalous behaviour of mechanical systems during solar eclipses are critically reviewed. These observations include the work of Allais with paraconical pendula, those of Saxl and Allen with a torsion pendulum and measurements with gravimeters. Attempts of replications of these experiments and recent gravimeter results are discussed and unpublished data by Latham and by Saxl et al. is presented. Some of the data are summarized and reanalyzed. Especially, attention is paid to observations of tilt of the vertical, which seems to play an important role in this matter. Recommendations for future research are given and its possible relevance to the Pioneer Anomaly is discussed. It is concluded that all the proposed conventional explanations either qualitatively or quantitatively fail to explain the observations. Full Paper Here

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