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Date: Monday, August 16, 2004 @ 21:46:17 GMT
Topic: Science

Distinguished mathematician Roger Penrose has written a thousand-page explanation of physics that rivals Newton's Principia in its scope and ambition

Robin McKie, Sunday August 15, 2004 - The Observer

"...His consciousness books have led directly to The Road to Reality. 'Colleagues liked my equations but not the contentious stuff about the mind and urged me to write a straightforward book on physics. I thought it would be a simple scissors job but it didn't work out that way.'

In the end, Penrose, who was 73 last week, produced a great, fat, black hole of a book that makes Bill Bryson's 600-page A Short History of Nearly Everything look like a theatre programme. It weighs more than 3lbs and its 1,094 pages are packed with equations and artwork - drawn freehand by Penrose - of Riemann surfaces, singularities and other mathematical oddities. It is a vast, formidable undertaking that covers the entire gamut of physics, from Greek astronomy to superstring theory.

As one reviewer remarked: 'The book took Penrose eight years to complete, and it will take some readers just as long to understand him.' Certainly, the book has it all: calculus, quantum mechanics, relativity, the big bang, string theory and just about anything ever written that has a number in it. If you want to know what makes the universe tick, you will find it here. Not bad for a gormless lounge-bar poser."

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