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Date: Saturday, August 14, 2004 @ 16:52:26 GMT
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From a recent posted correspondence with Eric Krieg (Free_energy yahoo list): "...Our Ultraconductors have been reproduced independently by several laboratories, including one under contract with the USAF. The Air Force Phase II Contract, one of four DOD SBIR Contracts awarded for our Ultraconductors, followed tests at Eglin AFB, a part of the Wright Laboratory.

Our work with Magnetic Power is moving forward. If progress continues at the present pace, I believe we will have pre-manufacturing 1 Kw prototypes ready for the Company that has plans to initially produce them, by the end of this year. They should be available to consumers sometime next year. We expect the same firm will produce Demonstration Devices. These will be smaller, probably 100 watts or a bit more, and are intended to allow schools, scientists, students and skeptics to examine for themselves working devices that clearly contain no hidden batteries or other components. They will be accompanied by a booklet explaining the construction, and how we believe these devices work. While conversion of Zero Point Energy seems to me the likely explanation, it is not the only one that has been expressed as to why such devices function.

The ceramic superconductors have been under development since 1985, and entered the market in the last four years. While everyone agrees they superconduct, to this day scientists do not agree as to why they function. At one time there were more than 50 competing theories.

Our website, provides a comprehensive look at our polymer Ultraconductor technology. In addition to the two Patents on the site, a third Patent has been allowed, and a fourth application has been filed with 195 Claims.

We do not have a website for our energy conversion work, and do not plan one until the Demonstration Devices become available. However, last December Dr. Fabrizio Pinto, formerly a physicist with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, obtained a U.S. Patent entitled: "Method for Energy Extraction". He states: "ZPE is expected to exhibit infinite density and to be universally present, and might therefore be a limitless source of energy. His firm seeks to convert ZPE by means of the Casimir Effect, a physical manifestation of ZPE discovered in 1947. Lucent's Bell laboratories announced, in 2001, that it successfully harnessed the Casimir Effect to operate a miniature teeter-totter useful in advanced computer chips. Dr. Pinto's Company, Interstellar Technologies, has a website which contains his theoretical explanation of how he believes the Zero Point Field is tapped by his technology. His Patent contains a more detailed explanation.

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P.S. Aviation Week and Space Technology, in the March 1st, 2004 issue, published an article headlined: "Aviation Giants Eye Zero Point Energy". The following line reads: "Zero Point Energy emerges from the realm of science fiction, may be key to deep space travel". The article goes on to suggest that "ZPE power plants might result in Mach 4 fighters, quiet 1,200 seat hypersonic airliners that fly at 100 mile altitudes as far as 12,000 miles in about 70 minutes, and 12.6 hour trips to the Moon". The article reports that at least two major aerospace firms, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, are studying ZPE.

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