Metal Rubber
Date: Saturday, August 14, 2004 @ 14:13:54 GMT
Topic: Science

"Terrible, horrible things can be done to this millimeters-thick patch of shimmering material crafted by chemists at NanoSonic in Blacksburg, Virginia. Twist it, stretch it double, fry it to 200°C, douse it with jet fuel—the stuff survives. After the torment, it snaps like rubber back to its original shape, all the while conducting electricity like solid metal..."

"...Despite the name, Metal Rubber, top, “contains just parts per million of metal yet conducts electricity nearly as well as a solid metal,” says polymer chemist Jennifer Hoyt Lalli (below). Its secret? chemical bonds that stretch apart but don’t break.

MAKING METAL RUBBER FROM SCRATCH Dip charged substrate into container of positively charged water-based solution (1). Rinse substrate in water to remove unbound particles (2). Dip substrate into negatively charged solution (3). Rinse and repeat (4, 5). "

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