The negative energy effect
Date: Tuesday, August 10, 2004 @ 21:30:02 GMT
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From the latest Tom Bearden correspondence:
The negative energy effect varies apparently by type of system. Some systems have no problem until extreme COPs (such as Sweet’s 1,500,000. Anything in his VTA from about 200,000 up, had an appreciable negative energy factor. At 1.5 million, it was MOSTLY negative energy. By pushing it to about double that, the energy was overwhelmingly negative, which means it began producing significant antigravity, measurable on the bench.

Other systems, designed to operate with negative energy (e.g., Bedini’s new negative energy stuff), start the appreciable effect by COP = 3.0, and are really kicking at COP = 5 or 6.

It seems to vary with the type system, and even then with the individual system. Sometimes even the way the instruments are connected and the wiring is laid out, affects whether or not negative energy effects are significant.

Some versions of the MEG showed appreciable negative energy effects at COP = 3.0. A couple others didn’t get serious about negative energy until COP = 5.0, and at least one didn’t even show much of it at that level. But one of the beasts showed it all the time, and the COP fluctuated from COP = 1.5 to about COP = 20, from time to time. We never did figure out what the real trigger for that one was. Occasionally it “ate power” at the input like gangbusters, and the power supply had to power that “negative energy” current reaching the input from the output, as a separate “load” in addition to the normal system load.

The problem is there are absolutely no handbooks or theories or instructions for meeting and handling negative energy in one’s circuits, when one meets the effect. And the components themselves also vary in how they react. Two transistors from the same manufacturer, taken out of the same box, often react very differently. Capacitors likewise.

At least I did realize the implications with the Sweet VTA, and convinced him to do that crazy antigravity experiment – which worked beautifully. I had had that notion about Dirac Sea holes producing negative energy fields – and thus possibly antigravity – ever since finishing my MS at Ga. Tech in 1971. So at least the Sweet VTA antigravity experiment did work. But then the sniper took a shot at him, just barely missing his head because he stumbled and fell very fortuitously. It scared the living daylights out of him, and he would allow nothing else to be done with that experiment or effect. He also would not show it to anyone else, as far as I’m aware. He apparently knew a bit about Kron’s involvement in certain “experiments that never happened”, and of course Kron was his mentor. The Sweet VTA, I believe, was a take-off or adaptation from Kron’s negative resistor. For that reason, I also think Sweet was afraid to try to get that device out on the market. He fervently believed that, if he did, he would certainly be killed. So he sought to just get a little extra cash each month for himself, and enough extra to pay for a private nurse to stay with his invalid wife, Rose.

John’s circuits, some of which are specifically designed to create and use negative energy, do remarkable things that I think are actually the wave of the future. Every impedance in the propagation path, in that part of the circuit where the negative energy is flowing, actually freely feeds in more negative energy into the flow, from the surrounding space. That is, every impedance exhibits a Kron negative resistor effect, but for negative energy only. Whereas with normal positive energy some of the propagation flow diverges and escapes back to the external environment in the impedances, with negative energy flow the impedances allow additional negative energy to converge into the negative energy propagation flow, from the surrounding active vacuum/spacetime.

So at least we “got the gist” of it in the book, but nobody has the negative energy thing really well-worked out. Bedini is probably much farther along than anyone else, at least so far as I’m aware. So inventors will continue to hit “negative energy” situations, not realize what is happening, and stumble all over the map with it.

Maybe one day after the young grads and post docs are turned loose in the area, we will finally have really well-understood and accurate negative energy circuits and instructions! When we do, they will easily power the world, because every impedance will just be a negative resistor and thus a separate and free “energy generator”.




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