Future Energy eNews - Aug 9, 2004
Date: Monday, August 09, 2004 @ 22:18:23 GMT
Topic: General

1) Vegetable protein creates electricity - New source works for 21 days - Nature.
2) Zero-Point Energy Measured in the Lab - Direct evidence for the existence of zero-point fluctuations. Agrees with IRI "ZPE Feasibility Study" conclusions.
3) Doom and Gloom for 2100 - British astronomer calculates a 50-50 chance that civilization will make it.
4) Scientists Demand New Energy Research - Seventeen scientists looking for carbon-free energy & willing to consider extreme possibilities. - Science.
5) Climate Study by Pentagon - May have provoked "Day After Tomorrow" movie; benchmark, historical 2003 report on national security implications of abrupt climate change is only 22-pages.
6) Million Solar Homes Initiative - California EPA announces 55% of homes must have solar by 2010.
7) Extraordinary Technology Conference - Valone ZPE talk and other emerging energy science presentations.

...But [Richard] Smalley concurs that another Apollo-like project is crucial. Not since then, he notes, have our universities been filled with engineering students inspired by a great challenge. A line graph he projected at Aspen showed the sobering result of subsequent generations diverted to Wall Street or Silicon Valley: As numbers of science and engineering PhDs plummet in the United States, in China and India they've soared.

"Suppose" he said, "from 2004 through 2009 we collect 5 cents from every gallon of oil. We invest the resulting $10 billion per year in frontier energy research. Maybe for the decade after, we collect 10 cents a gallon: $20 billion a year. At worst, we'll create a cornucopia of new technologies and new industries. At best, we'll solve the energy problem before 2020 and lay the basis for peace and prosperity worldwide."...

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