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Date: Thursday, August 05, 2004 @ 21:36:49 GMT
Topic: General

Conference on New-Energy Alternatives: "New Energy: The Courage to Change"
Portland, Oregon, USA. September 25-26, 2004.

* Is severe global climate change unstoppable?
* Are escalating fuel prices inevitable?
* Is environmental deterioration preventable?

The consensus is growing that we must address these planetary issues by making bold changes in public policy on a global scale.

Confirmed Speakers

Martin Burger, Mark Comings, Nick Cook, John Dash, Dr. Steven Greer, Win Lambertson, Jeane Manning, Brian O'Leary, Tom Valone, William Baumgartner, Peter LaVaute ...and others

We believe that the most highly-leveraged opportunity we have for solving global problems lies in a transformation in the way human civilization generates and utilizes energy.

Several promising high and low technology options need to be explored and supported.

But do we have the courage to change?

Increasing numbers of environmental researchers believe that rapid development of new energy technology is crucial to avoiding societal and planetary catastrophe.

Hard scientific evidence demonstrates that we can have clean, inexpensive, decentralized and safe energy.


What is needed is public focus and commitment to make it happen.


In the first public conference devoted to the societal impacts and policy issues on new energy, NEM will host a dramatic dialogue between renowned new energy pioneers and other citizens.

Compelling presentations and panel discussions will highlight topics such as:

* State-of-the-art in new energy technologies.

* Overcoming suppression of new energy technologies by mainstream science, media, government and vested corporate interests.

* Transition strategies to new energy and societal impacts.

* Assessment criteria for selecting new energy options.

* Strengthening public and private initiatives to develop new energy.

* Public oversight vs. privatization of new energy development and distribution.


By attending this unique and unprecedented symposium, you will:

* meet leading experts in the field of new energy
* have a say in how this vital movement progresses

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to be one of the first to embrace the greatest technological revolution of all time!

The 2-day conference agenda will be split between two college campuses in beautiful Portland, Oregon:

Part I - Saturday, 9:00AM - 8:00PM, September 25
Reed College - Kaul Auditorium.
Lunch, Evening Wine Reception and Dinner will be available with a meal ticket.

Part II - Sunday, 1:00PM - 5:00PM, September 26
Portland State University - Smith Auditorium.


To reserve your space - please purchase your 2-day tickets early. Meal tickets available at the door.

Advance purchase: $ the door: $85

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