Eugene Podkletnov Breakthrough - 2nd Interview
Date: Monday, August 02, 2004 @ 15:12:26 GMT
Topic: Science

Tim Ventura writes: Dear All:

Last week Dr. Eugene Podkletnov stunned the experimental AG community with the revelation that his Superconductng Force-Beam Generator was producing an output in excess of hundreds of pounds of pure gravitational force.

We've just finished a follow-up interview with Podkletnov to learn more about the results that he's been getting, and we're amazed to say that the more we learn, the more impressive his experiments become:

Podkletnov claims that the gravitational beam is generated by a 3 to 5 megavolt drop onto a 4-inch diameter superconductor, which is enclosed in a wrapped-solenoid to create a magnetic field around the apparatus.

Pulses are powerful enough to punch through brick, concrete, and deform light-metals "like hitting it with a sledgehammer".

The beam doesn't disappear rapidly with distance -- in fact, its been measured at distances of up to 5 kilometers, and seems to penetrate all materials without a decrease in force. These are only a few of the details that he provides as we cover listener questions in this follow-up interview.

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