Extraordinary Technology Conference 2004 REPORT
Date: Monday, August 02, 2004 @ 14:21:20 GMT
Topic: Testimonials

From Pure Energy Systems News: Conference held in Salt Lake City, July 28 - Aug. 1. Detailed reports to be posted in next few days, linked from this index page. The following is a summary of highlights by Sterling D. Allan, T. Cullen, and Susan Carter.

Highlights / Briefing

* Social: Meeting scores of fabulous individuals, sharing ideas, hearing presentations. Kudos to Steve Elswick of TeslaTech's ExtraOrdinary Technologies Magazine who planned and hosted the outstanding event.
* Moray King - gave review of zero point energy theories and evolution of field, citing several dozen refereed papers; said implementation is not technology limited but politics limited (suppression).

* Thomas Valone, Ph.D. - gave review of zero point energy (ZPE) theory focusing on evidences from nano technology, citing peer reviewed papers. Discussed Casimir effect and that ZPE is not "conserved". Evidence that gravity and inertia are effects of ZPE. Repulsive Casimir effects seen. In some cases Casimir forces change sign / polarity as temperature is increased, indicating a way to minipulate ZPE.
* Hal Fox - gave listing of more than a dozen scientific principles that are questionable and need to be re-examined.
Gave listing of more than a dozen primary scientific paradigms in question that need to be re-examined in light of new research, including Einstein's relativity, big bang, and limitations of speed of light.


* Media Controversies:
- Conference organizer, Steve Elswick had a stack of mailings returned "undeliverable address" from numerous media outlets to which he sent announcements. (Mail tampering is actionable, even if done by the postmaster.)
- Fox 13 news came but did not cover the conference in their evening news (they showed up during Robert Patterson's presentation).

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