Global Warming, Teller and Chemtrails
Date: Monday, August 02, 2004 @ 11:19:44 GMT
Topic: General

1. Recently, a quarter moon was illuminated by reflected light making it look like a full moon.

2. The amount of sunlight hitting the ground is 20% less than it should be.

3. Edward Teller invented a protocol to reduce global warming by spraying aluminum oxide into the atmosphere whereby sun light is reflected away. Plus, someone else invented aerogel to suck the water vapor from the atmosphere.

4. US government says there is no chemical spraying, refer to 1,2 &3.

5. The coral reefs are dying, trees are dying, the temperature is still rising and so are the oceans as the poles melt.

6. Plants trap CO2, converting it into carbon for cell growth and expel Oxygen. Except, with less sunlight there is less plant growth and more CO2 buildup and less oxygen production than at any point in recorded history. Humans get diseased and eventually will die off. About 10 years ago the AMA reported 1 in 3 will have Cancer, soon everyone is expected to have Cancer of some form, according to the AMA.

Could it be that Edward Teller actually invented a super-weapon with global application and superior efficiency - for a specific purpose?

1+2+3 = 6, not 4.
1+5 = 6, not 4.

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