letter to US Energy Secretary
Date: Sunday, August 01, 2004 @ 17:32:27 GMT
Topic: Science

July 13th 2004
Mr. Spencer Abraham
U.S. Energy Secretary

Congratulations to your decision of performing a review of entire “cold fusion” question by the U.S. Department of Energy.

I am sending you the manuscript of my book “Ring Theory – Foundations for Cold Fusion”, where 23 papers of mine have been met into a book form (four papers have been already published by the Journal of New Energy in 2002-2004, and one paper by the magazine Infinite Energy in 2002).
In the end of this letter I explain why I have decided to send my book to your appreciation.

In Feb-2004 the Infinite Energy Editor-in-Chief Dr. Eugene Mallove encouraged me to put all of my papers into a book form, because from his opinion I “have developed so many interesting , intriguing theories”. Let me explain why Dr. Mallove has taken the decision of encouraging me to put my papers into a book form

In the beginning of 2002 I have submitted seven papers for publication in Infinite Energy. Dr. Mallove has analyzed them during two years, but in his opinion some of the papers are too complex for the Infinite Energy readership. That’s why in the Feb-2004 he has decided to stimulate me in putting the papers into a book form. In an e-mail of February 20, 2004, the Managing Editor Christy Frazier said the following:
“Our editor suggests that since you have developed so many interesting, intriguing theories that you consider the following: publishing a book which melds the many theories together”.

As I was in two minds, she has insisted in Mallove’s suggestion, by sending me more two e-mails where she said:
“Our editor again encourages you to consider putting all of your papers into one book form, with a hearty introduction which generally explains the purpose of the "chapters"/papers.”

“I hope that our encouragement to publish the papers as a whole entity (and tied together coherently and neatly) is something you will consider. As I noted before, we would consider making copies and selling the product for you if you presented us with a clean, hard copy that has a good introduction which makes sense to the reader.”

In the beginning of March, as I finally was agreeing with the Dr. Mallove’s suggestion, Christy Frazier sent me in March 24 another e-mail saying the following:
“We ask that you provide a working title for the whole piece so we can make a cover/title sheet.”

Copies of her e-mails are enclosed.

Now let me explain why my theory can be important for the advancement of cold fusion, as follows:

1. In Nov-2002 the magazine Infinite Energy has published a paper of mine entitled “What is Missing in Les Case’s Catalytic Fusion”, in which some suggestions were proposed for increasing the speed of cold fusion reactions (the paper is exhibited in the page 186 of the book).

2. In the ICCF-10 (the Tenth International Conference on Cold Fusion, which was held in Cambridge, MA and in part at MIT, August 24-29, 2003), my suggestions were dramatically corroborated by the results of Letts-Cravens experiment (in the page 189 of the book it is exhibited my paper “Letts-Cravens Experiment and the Accordion-Effect”, where the results of that experiment are analyzed from the viewpoint of the new nuclear model proposed in my Ring Theory).

3. There is not any theory able to explain cold fusion yet. This is the reason why there is so strong resistance against cold fusion from the academic theorists.

4. My theoretical work is not a theory for cold fusion. However the Ring Theory proposes new foundations that can help the development of a Cold Fusion Theory by other theorists. That’s why it is important to publish the Ring Theory.

Unfortunately Dr. Mallove was killed in May-2004. And so I don’t know if in Infinite Energy they will keep his decision of publishing my book, because I don’t know what a new Editor-in-Chief will think about.
Since Dr. Mallove spent two years in reading my papers, and finally he decided to publish them into a book form, it is hard for me to lost the chance of spreading my ideas after two years of waiting.

So, I would like to know if the U.S. Energy Department could help printing my book. As my ideas can stimulate the development of theories for explaining cold fusion, one can conclude easily that, if published, my book can be very important for the advancement of Science.

If you think that there is chance that U.S. Energy Department should be a sponsor for the publishing of my book, I would be very thank to you.

Thanks to your attention

R. Santo Antonio, 637 ap 306
CEP 36.015-001 , Juiz de Fora-MG
Email: wladimirguglinski@hotmail.com

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