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Date: Sunday, August 26, 2018 @ 21:30:09 MST
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As you may remember, IRI is an advocate for the  solar lights  made by called “Luci”. They are a wonderful, sturdy, long-lasting investment in portable renewable energy with hours of light from a short time in the sun. Now the company is conducting  Operation Gratitude to help troops overseas. If you buy one “Luci Americana” model of solar light, they will send one to the troops too. You can also simply donate $15 for a care package from the Operation Gratitude webpage.

Another great cause that keeps evolving is the XPRIZE. Specifically, IRI is following the “Off-Grid Energy Access​ Design Challenge ” with a goal of providing a breakthrough in energy for the developing world. Check out the short video on their site which includes three other design challenges of global proportion. Also noteworthy for future energy researchers is the extensive “ Energy of the Future” Wiki page  which reviews “affordability, efficiency, and generation” in separate sections and “barriers to progress” for a realistic summary of the new energy design challenge.

Our Story #1 is a nice announcement of the recent  Tenth Conference on Future Energy (COFE10) DVDs now being made available. I particularly suggest getting a copy of the remarkable presentation by Dr. Brian Ahern who reviewed the intriguing Manelas Device, which has a long history of anomalous energy output based on a solid state strontium ferrite billet in the core of a battery. His impeccable awareness of the facts versus speculation was admirable and he fielded questions at the end better than most. Most importantly, one is left with the desire to see this project advanced, since it was able to charge an electric car without any outside energy or power input, under high security monitoring.
Story #2 offers a new view of the Great Pyramid in Egypt with a  Journal of Applied Physics  article summary that was just published in Newsweek magazine. This is the first time that the “Electromagnetic Properties of the Great Pyramid” have been analyzed which found that a 230 meter (1.3 GHz) electromagnetic wave was the most resonant with the Great Pyramid. The German and Russian authors find that with the most up-to-date chambers included in the analysis, the pyramid on a substrate of sand will direct all of its energy downward into the ground but it is only a preliminary report. 
Story #3 offers a new view of small electric vehicles now becoming popular because of their extended range, besides the flashy new electric BMW Roadster being featured first. The  Related Links to New Electric Cars  are extensive and proves how the electric car market has exploded. How about a 2019 Chevy Bolt for only $36,000 or a Nissan Leaf for only $29,000? 
Story #4 is a great encouragement for electric clothes of the future. MIT researchers now have proven the capability of basic electronics being incorporated into fabrics along with sensors for biological monitoring. 
Story #5 is one more addition to our number of citations for building substances that ABSORB significant quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere. In this breakthrough announcement, the mineral magnesite has been shown to speed up the process of absorption dramatically, with industrial capability. For those concerned about this most vexing problem of carbon capture associated with global warming, check out our  Future Energy eNews Archive Page : for March 2018; December 2017, September 2016, October 2015, March 2015, August 2014, May 2014, April 2014, December 2013, October 2012, April 2012, and May 2011. These give any student you may know looking for an environmental report topic a wonderful assortment of proven technologies for conversion or storage of carbon dioxide for practical use or permanent sequestration.


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