Infinity SAV© Electromagnetic Generator 10kW ~ Russians Create Free Energ
Date: Sunday, March 12, 2017 @ 21:27:40 MST
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Via Caveat Emptor, we have no verifiable proof of any of their claims. - JWD

[from their website]: Potential Overseas Representatives Wanted

For more than 3 years our team has been developing a fossil fuel free generator which is able to generate energy. We have conducted a scientific research and have achieved a few fully functioning models. At present the company Infinity SAV is preparing to launch a mass production of a fuel free generator for consumers. We will manufacture the first 100 units of fuel free generator which will exclusively be handed to our distributors. Now our company is actively looking for distributors from all countries...We are located in Seoul, South Korea

We are an international Team of young and ambitious engineers/inventors and people with other talents with more than 10 years of experience in engineering.

Our Portfolio includes more than 20 inventions with 10 patents.

All of our devices undergo quality control and independent third party testing.

Currently we conduct development of devices that generate power using clean renewable resources from environment. Several devices are under development and acquisition, that will also be able to generate power.

We are located in Seoul, South Korea


Know-how is a symbiosis of permanent magnets and bifilar coils.

Bifilar coils are installed with a specific shifted angle to convert the parasitic current into usable energy.

Permanent magnets are required to maintain the rotation.

Initial start is performed by a battery or any other external source of energy. After a minute or so when the device achieves needed RPM the external sources of energy can be unplugged.

The device is able to work in autonomous mode and maintain its RPM in optimized mode by asynchronous motor with a special software, which controls RPM. The output power depends on the speed of rotation (RPM). 50% of the generated energy will be spent by motor, while the remaining 50% can be used by the consumer for his own purposes. For example, the device of 6kW is capable of producing 3kW for consumer, another 3kW will be spent to maintain required RPM at full load.

The Know-how device can be made for any type of voltage output with frequency of 50-60Hz.

- 380V 3-phase 50-60Hz
- 220V 50-60Hz
- 110V 50-60Hz

Electromagnetic generator will be produced in 3kW power output.

If a larger power generator is needed then 2 or more power generators can be connected and synchronized to produce 6kW, 9kW or more.


Production cost will be cheaper than production of wind turbines or solar panels

- On average depending on the region the generator will pay for itself in 1-2 years.

Small size compare to other power generating systems with the same power output

- Dimensions: 500x300x400 mm
- Weight: ~120kg

Special installation is not required
Mobility. Can be easily moved to any location


A mass production of this invention has not been established and individual units are not available for sale yet.

FREE ENERGY DEVICE (PCB Device Free Energy Box)

     Start performed by AA batteries
     The device starts to work and produces electricity free
     Quiet operation, perpetual use
     Efficiency 700%
     Zero-point energy
     Possibility to produce both small and high power (30W-2MW)
     The device works on the resonant frequencies 2-7Kgts
     Applicable in various industries
     Generates 12V DC and 220V AC
     Free energy anywhere


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