IRI Future Energy eNews - Feb 2014
Date: Monday, February 24, 2014 @ 17:51:21 MST

From Integrity Research Institute: Greetings!

To start off, we would like to give a promotional word about the upcoming Extraordinary Technology conference, which will be held at the Embassy Suites hotel in Albuquerque NM , which has just finalized their speaker list. We are also negotiating to collaborate on COFE7 to be held next July 2015 along with the same Tesla Tech group in parallel, giving all attendees twice the attraction and choice for the same low registration fee.

Our first story #1 this month is a good example of the scope of the IRI Bioenergetics Program which includes products like the multi-frequency Premier Junior. It explains a definitive experiment by Dr. Kevin Tracey to prove that the brain communicates directly with the immune system when previously it was thought there was no "central command" for the immune's roaming army. When Dr. Tracey achieved the same effect as a drug by stimulating the vagus nerve. Now his work has expanded to the control of several different diseases, even giving new hope for cancer, with the new buzzword, "electroceuticals". Now of course, you might ask whether the brain might consciously  communicate with the immune system and that is one of the benefits of our book, Modern Meditation: Science and Shortcuts (Valone), which is a "How To" book, based on my training slideshow given at events everywhere.

The second story #2 has been a shared fantasy among many for years, in order to save on the fuel cost and perhaps the disposable rocket too, as well as go for a weekend space stayover at the hotel in the sky. Our future energy concept here is actually a well-tested concept of the space elevator endorsed by Arthur C. Clarke years ago. In fact, the Additional Articles we recommend add significant facts to this survey article, like the Japanese Obayashi company promise of being the first by 2050. Of course the big question is whether carbon nanotubes can be woven into rope or ribbon, which has been answered by a significant collection of patents and patent applications on the subject of continuous woven ribbon even up to ten feet wide, like Bradley Edwards "Cable for a space elevator" #20040149485 or one of the latest which is patented in 2013, Peter Capizzo "Carbon nanotube (CNT) extrusion methods" #8,444,891.

The #3 story is just as ground-breaking and reminiscent of last month's story on the new VW car that can go over 500 miles on two gallons of gas. Here we are talking about the ARPA-E funding of over $3 million of several projects that promise 500 mile travel on a single charge of the liquid electrode batteries. With energy dense electrode powders in a liquid, these funded research projects which may swap liquids at the charging station are competing heavily with Tesla Motors  who is aiming to charge conventional battery-powered electric cars in 5 to 10 minutes with over 120 kW of electricity blasted into the batteries, in about as much time as a regular fill-up.

With the #4 story, our IRI support of fusion development is garnered slightly by the inertial confinement milestone of more energy out than in (overunity) achievement by the Lawrence Livermore National Lab. Led by the appropriately named scientist, Omar Hurricane, the experiment is in the quadrillion fusion event realm but hopes to reach 100 quadrillion events per laser blast to have a fusion "ignition" happen. Of course, there are other competing types of fusion such as Cavitation Fusion andPlasma Focus Fusion also represented at past IRI COFE events which are very promising and much less costly to develop. We also endorse Prof. George Miley's "Black Swan" book surveying all of the fusion research in the world, since George has been a COFE speaker more than once and a career expert on fusion at the U of Illinois. It also has received good reviews.

In the last story #5, I always enjoy it when other groups embrace the future of energy since it has been a watchword for IRI since COFE 1999 and is the title of one of my books. Here we have the Noble Prize Foundation reviewing their "Exploring the Future of Energy" event held at the end of last year which included the Nobel Prize winner, Stephen Chu and others. A video link to Dr. David Gross' introduction is included.

Don't forget that we are here to serve you with the latest futuristic energy information and products just beyond today's standards. You can benefit by trying our improvement to Dr. Glen Gordon's EMPulse, called an EM PULSER,  for 30 days at no risk or obligation (money back guarantee) and available at a 10% discount by using "enews10" in the comment field.



Thomas Valone, PhD, PE.


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