MPI Goals for 2008
Date: Sunday, December 30, 2007 @ 21:26:44 MST
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Overtone writes: Hi Vlad, This will go on our site in the near future... We are indeed making progress, but most of it must remain confidential for now.

Large funding is very likely in the next few weeks and that will accelerate the work. I believe the new year will end with ZPE becoming widely accepted as a source of energy. May it be so!

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Background: During the first quarter of 2007, a Proof-of-Concept of a GENIE™ generator (Generating Electricity by Nondestructive Interference of Energy) was given a positive evaluation by Lee Felsenstein, EE. He compared it with the early work on the transistor, prior to that invention leading to a Nobel Prize and launching what became known as Silicon Valley.

A patent application covering GENIE is pending. At least three solid-state families and one with moving parts are evolving from the fundamental invention. Other discoveries, leading to possible demonstration devices, toys and laptop power supplies are also emerging from the solid-state laboratory. The mechanical lab has identified a promising design for a room heater requiring no fuel, as well as rotary demonstration devices and a family of toys.

Our evolving theoretical models, continuously refined to reflect hands-on laboratory experiments, allow MPI to develop solid-state as well as mechanical variations of magnetic conversion technologies. They are likely to be converting energy from the Quantum Vacuum, often known as Zero Point Energy. Since some small devices run cooler than room temperature, they may also be converting ambient heat.

The Technical Team: Members of the MPI team and consultants to the firm are spread around the world, with individuals residing in Mexico, the United Kingdom and Uruguay, in addition to several locales in the USA. Three of the members are degreed Electrical Engineers. Others include a patent and document research specialist with an almost photographic memory, a former adjunct professor of physics, a consulting physicist and four inventors active in the Company’s current development work. The team will expand as it becomes necessary and proves practical.

Specific Goals for 2008 include:

A proof-of-concept of a self-sustaining, solid-state, generator that can power a laptop computer.

Resumption of the Ultraconductor wire development program at Room Temperature Superconductors Inc., MPI’s subsidiary.

Evaluation of our energy technology by outside, independent, laboratories.

A fuel-free room heater prototype, expected to open a path to rapid production under license.

Self-sustaining desktop demonstration devices for the university and school market. >

A variety of toys: No batteries required!>

A 1 kW solid-state GENIE generator. This will have a wide variety of potential applications. A few might be linked together to power a home. Two of these generators are expected to enable removal of the need for a plug from a plug-in hybrid car.

Other objectives may be added as resources permit.>

Mark Goldes, CEO

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