Radiant Energy Amplification
Date: Wednesday, December 26, 2007 @ 20:47:04 MST
Topic: Science

Koen van Vlaenderen wrote (EVWorld comment): Tesla was right about his magnifying wireless energy transmitter/receiver. His wireless energy experiments have been confirmed by other independent research groups. 'Magnifying' means that the receiver of wireless energy receives more energy than has been tranmitted. This fact has been confirmed by Dr. Correa, see U.S. Patent #7,053,576 .

Wireless energy in the form of longitudinal electric waves is excluded by the official physics theories. Therefore I explored the theory of electrodynamcs, known as Maxwell/Lorentz theory, and found it contains very unscientific assumptions about 'gauge conditions'. Then I was able to generalise this theory by adding an extra scalar field, such that Tesla's longitudinal electric wave can be understood SCIENTIFICALLY as a longitudinal electro-scalar wave. Next, we can speculate about the exact form of the ZeroPointEnergy (ZPE=vacuum energy): is it a background spectrum of transversal electro-magnetic waves, or is it a particle zoo of "virtual" particles of mainly electro-positron pairs (among many other types of virtual particles) popping in- and out of existance. I believe there is a connection between Tesla's longitudinal electric wave and the ZPE. ZPE can be tapped by ordering the chaotic wave-phases resulting into a coherent and AMPLIFIED electric field.

Conlusion: never in Tesla's life he became insane or over-eccentric and bizarre. On the other hand, the official science of physics is heavily manipulated in order to conceal the reality of ZPE tapping technology. The over-simplified Maxwell/Lorentz theory (just throw overboard Tesla's experiments, and also the exact experiments by Ampere, Gauss, Weber and Faraday, that were in DISAGREEMENT with this official theory) is just one example. The theories by the notorious plagiarist known as Albert Einstein are another example, where all light-speed measurements that proved a NON NILL result were thrown out of the window. Etc, etc...

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