Successful TPU-ECD replication
Date: Monday, December 24, 2007 @ 22:18:01 MST
Topic: Devices

Steven Mark Toroidal Power Unit Replication Video (Google) Jason O's successful replication of Otto and Roberto's version of the Steven Mark Toroidal Power Unit.

Stefan Hartmann: The PDF file documentation of Otto´s and Roberto´s TPU-ECD experiments can be found here [it is also available in our Downloads/ZPE_related section- Vlad]:

See thread for details.

You can also see on Google a few of Steven Mark's TPU videos:
Free Energy Coil UEC Group Demo
free energy Steven Mark solid state generator video 1
free energy Steven Mark solid state generator video 2
free energy Steven Mark solid state generator video 3
free energy Steven Mark solid state generator video 4
free energy Steven Mark solid state generator video 5

Mayan writes: Hi all,

I have noticed a thing that is very interesting. The TPU-ECD is nothing more than a fancy parallel
tank circuit ! The "collector" is the capacitor, capacity can be measured between the two wire of the collector. This cap is parallel with the control coil. Output is also parallel with the whole thing. So this
circuit will have an exact resonance frequency, if you drive it on this frequency, current-resonance occurs, and also it will transform the input spikes into an exact sinewawe, just like a tesla coil.
So this is a low voltage, electronic driven tesla coil. I think if someone build a simple tank circuit, the bulb parallel with it, and drive it on its resonant frequency, the same occurs like the TPU-ECD experiment.

Read this please:

Bye: Mayan

plengo writes: I totally agree with you. Check my video and the I think that is what I am showing with a very simple setup.


epwpixieq-1 writes: I bump into an HIGHLY interesting page ( maybe some of you already know it ... ) about "Energy Sucking Antenna"

There is also a patent associated with this work

I can see some correlation with SM's words ( hopefully this is not my imagination ) and although it operates on different principle  ( Tesla magnifying transmitter ) it seems that a lot can be learned about antennas and coils ... I will have to read it at least 2 - 3 more times in order to suck all the info out of it.

Best to all

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