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Date: Monday, August 27, 2007 @ 20:42:45 GMT
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From their site Advanced Energy Research Organization (AERO), LLC is a new research and development group formed to develop and strategically protect new energy and propulsion technologies. It is our goal, utilizing a unique strategic approach, to bring forth these new environmentally sound technologies to replace virtually all fossil fuel, internal combustion and ionizing nuclear technologies within 20-30 years.

About AERO

Advanced Energy Research Organization (AERO), LLC was founded by Steven M. Greer, M.D., in July 2007. AERO is a new research and development group which will develop and strategically protect new energy and propulsion technologies that will completely replace oil, gas, coal, and nuclear power

AERO is the group that is most strategically ready to develop, disclose and establish the long-suppressed technologies that will enable us to establish a truly sustainable civilization on Earth.

It is time that humanity move on to its next level of development. This cannot happen with the internal combustion engine and fossil fuels. Time is short. Indeed time - and obscurity - are elements that must be overcome for success to occur.

Why AERO? An Overview for Inventors

An historical overview of over-unity electric generators and other unconventional energy innovations shows that for at least 75 years, human society could have had a replacement for fossil fuels and the internal combustion engine. The fact that such energy breakthroughs are not in use today is ample evidence that the hurdles to the widespread use of such technologies is less about inventing such a system - or even about adequate funding - and primarily about 'something else'. Since the time of Tesla, inventors have been discovering ways to extract energy from the space around us. And yet we all still drive cars using gasoline, and live in homes powered mostly by coal-fired public utilities.

Such a device - assuming it is robust, commercially viable and putting out real usable power - is less than 10% of the solution to this problem. And all of the money on Earth is less that 10% of the solution. The other 80-90% lies in this 'something else'.

The special interests, cartels, power centers and the like that do not want a replacement for oil, coal, centralized public utilities and the internal combustion engine have enormous power to block the release of such a new energy technology. These interests have done so by subterfuge, abuse of so-called national security provisions, buying the rights to such a system and then burying it on a 'black shelf', threats, intimidation, assassination, etc.

AERO and its core leadership have a 12 year track record of taking on very controversial, suppressed areas of knowledge, and credibly moving them into the public arena of support and disclosure (see

AERO has a deep and wide area of expertise in dealing with so-called black and suppressed technology and information. AERO has a vast network of consultants, advisors, supporters and contacts from a wide range of disciplines, including the most senior levels of the scientific, financial, governmental, military, international, media and diplomatic communities.

With literally millions of people who follow the work of AERO and our CEO, Dr. Steven M. Greer, AERO is a company that can quickly bring a billion watt spotlight to a new technology, thus averting the usual suppression that can only occur in the darkness of obscurity. In the work of The Disclosure Project, we were able to bring a controversial subject to the attention of hundreds of millions of people, and garner the support of international leaders, 'friendlies' within the national security arena, leaders in Congress, key scientists and many others.

Dr. Greer and his staff have conducted briefings for senior scientists at the National Science Foundation, NASA and major universities, where there is substantial support for our efforts. We have met with the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, the head of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a sitting CIA Director, a former head of the British Ministry of Defense, most-senior UN officials, leaders of both the Senate and House of Representatives, and many senior officials in the government. There is significant - even surprising - support now for the release of these new energy solutions.

We even have identified key support within the oil industry amongst a select group of enlightened individuals who know that the time has come for the internal combustion engine to be phased out.

And we have world class manufacturing support in the US and elsewhere who stand ready to mass- produce any viable new system brought to them by AERO.

The average - even the exceptional - inventor simply cannot marshal the enormous power, public support, political support, clout and protective services needed to successfully move an over-unity system from prototype to the world market.

AERO can.

The key to success is a vast network of powerful supporters who want these technologies out - NOW. AERO has this network. And AERO has the bold and courageous leadership needed to withstand the usual attempts at suppression. How do we know we can withstand such pressures? Because we already have - through our successful execution of The Disclosure Project.

Neither threats nor financial inducements of any size will deter the AERO leadership from the course of releasing these Earth-saving technologies to the world.

This combination - bold, courageous leadership along with a vast network of powerful financial, public and government support - makes AERO unique in the world today and the only really effective means of bringing these new energy technologies to the world.

This is that other 80% - that 'something else' - that has been missing for the past 75 years. Now there is an opportunity for you to work with the AERO team to at last bring to humanity the next level of sustainable civilization on Earth.

We welcome your inquiries and participation.

Strategic Overview


Research shows that over the past 75 years a number of significant breakthroughs in energy generation and propulsion have occurred that have been systematically suppressed. Since the time of Tesla, T. Townsend Brown and others in the early and mid-twentieth century we have had the technological ability to replace fossil fuel, internal combustion and nuclear power generating systems with advanced non-polluting electromagnetic and electro-gravitic systems. The open literature is replete with well-documented technologies that have surfaced, only to later be illegally seized or suppressed through systematic abuses of the national security state, large corporate and financial interests or other shadowy concerns.

Technologically, the hurdles to achieve what is called over-unity energy generation by accessing the teeming energy in the space around us are not insurmountable. Numerous inventors have done so for decades. What has been insurmountable are the barriers created through the collusion of vast financial, industrial, oil and rogue governmental interests...


Greer also founded SEAS (Space Energy Access Systems, Inc.) in 2001.

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