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Date: Sunday, March 25, 2007 @ 22:43:43 MST
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In the Institute for Vacuumenergy we are researching a method, which may enable us to use the active potential inherent in the vacuum as an energy source. We would like to give mankind the possibility of clean electromagnetic energy.

The Institute for Vacuumenergy is an independent and privately financed project.

How does a free energy machine work which uses the active vacuum as an external energy source?

Asymmetrical vacuum energy machine

A device which is able to use the quantum mechanical vacuum as an external energy source, intervenes into the active vacuum in the sense of an open system. It is possible to design an EM system in such a way, that a certain amount of electromagnetic energy is being used to create a so called asymmetric situation. A channel can be opened through which the potential of the vacuum in the sense of an external energy source can flow into our system because of a mechanism of asymmetry.

So the energy from a vacuum energy machine of course does not derive from nothing, but from the active vacuum. Ironically our source charge (dipole) is already a vacuum energy machine,concerning the extraction of the energy from the vacuum, meaning that our common electric circuit is already beeing potentiallized through an asymmetry towards the active vaccum. The scalar potential has an internal dynamic nature like any standing wave having an internal dynamic nature. If we don´t want to violate the first law, we just have to consider the vaccum as an energy domain and add it to our calculations.



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