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Date: Sunday, March 11, 2007 @ 21:04:10 MST
Topic: General

1) Patently Curious - MAKE magazine #09 features Valone
2) Superconductivity and Magnetism in Harmony – First time ever
3) Cheap Nano Solar Cells – Nanotubes use indoor light for electricity
4) New Look for Solar Cells – Nanotechweb’s view of #3 story
5) Flexible Solar Panels – Gets the USDOE Secretary’s attention
6) Expanding Nuclear Recycling - Public critical of more nukes
7) Hot Advances in Thermoelectrics - Organics can generate electricity

1) Patently Curious
Charles Platt, MAKE magazine #9, p. 50-54, March, 2007
[A very critical article of Valone, with at least 10 major errors (to be listed in the next issue) but humorous and poignant to the extreme with some redeeming characteristics in its attempt to be biographical. Text of article not accessible for posting by email. Sample quotation below, along with A and B links to full article in color. -- Ed. note]
"Physicist Tom Valone looks at technologies most scientists consider junk."
"Valone is probably the most broadly informed authority on the kind of basement tinkering that ventures into gray areas beyond the conventional laws of physics"
A) Read this article (both p. 50 and 51):
B) Read this article (both p. 52 and 53):
[which also includes diagrams and patent numbers of Hartman magnetic patent, Spiral Motor of Kure Tekko, Howard Johnson track, and Valone in his lab. - Ed. Note]

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