The time is ripe for SuperCapacitors
Date: Saturday, March 10, 2007 @ 13:39:34 MST
Topic: Devices

Hansjörg Fischle, Wima, Germany - 3/6/2007

Passive components, especially capacitors, are today undergoing constant development and so make an indispensable contribution to technical progress in electronics. Every day we use innovative technical solutions in communications, in transport, medical technology and for leisure-time activities. An increasing number of new functions are controlled, steered or even just made possible by electronics.

One of the most recent innovations in the field of passive components is the electrochemical double layer capacitor - the SuperCapacitor from Wima. From about 10 up to several thousand farad (F) values are housed in one case (Figure 1). A 100 F model, for example, is approximately the size of a match-box, and this capacitance would correspond to the impressive volume of 100 million parallel connected standard polyester film capacitors with an individual capacitance of 1 mF each! With the SuperCapacitor, despite the limitations of its low maximum operating voltage of 2,5 V, several units can be built up to an enormous capacitance of the desired voltage rating by connecting them in series or parallel (cascade).

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