Another major announcement soon
Date: Sunday, January 26, 2003 @ 17:26:00 GMT
Topic: Devices

"In the year 2003, a major announcement will be made concerning the discovery of several revolutionary new technologies. These technologies offer a potential solution to some of the biggest challenges that we face as a planet - including significantly reducing or eliminating pollution and poverty on a global scale." (Project Spark Foundation)...

These technologies will be released to the public For the first time in a series of Pre-Event Press Conferences which are Scheduled to begin soon. Then, PROJECT SPARK will officially begin Launching the technologies through special events that will be Broadcast to an audience of One Billion People in over 120 countries. But, PROJECT SPARK Does not end there. It will continue gaining momentum And finally blast off in globally multi-cast event which will showcase its Most impressive new technologies

PROJECT SPARK EVENTS will feature Hollywoods Best known and most respected Celebrities and Musicians, uniting to focus The world's attention on these powerful new solutions. Events will Include live concerts that will be broadcast from around the world, Television sitcoms, special entertainment shows, and Daily International Press Conferences to Announce each technology.

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