Tilley Swift Star to be put to the test
Date: Thursday, January 23, 2003 @ 01:32:03 GMT
Topic: Devices

"Currently being developed the “Tilley Swift Star “ all electric water craft is set for a Cumberland River and a large lake test run in Tennessee the month of January, 2003. On board will be the same type powerful electric motor that is in the DeLorean electric car and suited up with a refined state of the art charging system that has been tailored for water craft use."

Converted from a 1968 Hydrodyne speed boat the “ Tilley Swift Star “ has been modified with state of the art advancements while maintaining the crafts sharp appearance. Detailed painting and graphic art design art work makes the “Swift Star “ like no other water craft around.
Estimated speed has been slated to exceed 80 knots. Push button trim control , advanced electronics, expanded safety additions, marine communications system and reinforced hull additions are only part of the “ Swift Star “.
The craft is total electric and powered by eight (8) off the shelf batteries, combined with a powerful electric DC motor, supported with advanced electronic controllers and the Tilley self charging device. There is no need to recharge the batteries from any outside source…..Just drive and it self charges. Inventor and former U.S. Navy Vietnam veteran, Carl Tilley, spent over a year in Vietnam on board PCF’s (Patrol Craft Fast … also known as Swift Boats) and decided to name the craft for the Navy and all Vietnam veterans who served in that war especially those of Coastal division 15.

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