Gravity Simulation and control
Date: Tuesday, January 21, 2003 @ 01:02:01 GMT
Topic: Devices

OK as to what we are doing - after 12 years we are now developing the 162nd iteration of a device based (originally) on the observational idea that there is something about the structure of the earth - core, mantle, crust magnetic fields etc and the movements going on within that could if understood a bit better point to a greater understanding of Gravity as we experience it. To that end we tried to mimic the structure of the earth in an electro-magnetic device.

At around version 105 of our development we powered up as we had in previous versions and the device crushed the workbench that it was sitting on - not just broke it - crushed it.
It took 10 more iterations to be able to only partially replicate that effect.

Since version 151 we could achieve the same effect at will.

On version 161 we had a major break-through when the device as a whole (excluding external power supply) could be made to levitate (powered +y) and was found capable of 3 dimensional movement as power was applied to the -x+/-z+ coils.

161 was modified to support its own generator and built into an alloy and cf sled. This device as a whole weighs 211Kg fueled.

Anyway feel free to be completely disbelieving at this point!

We are planning to comlete the patent application and get it filed before the end of Jan 2003 and then intend to provide a semi-public (invitation only) presentation in an indoor arena near us.

We are discussing trying to link a live-webcam to the demo and setting up the design specifics on the web at that point.

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