EDF Generator Project Update
Date: Tuesday, January 14, 2003 @ 22:45:27 GMT
Topic: Devices

Many of the visitors to our StarDrive Engineering website have been wondering, and somewhat concerned, about the lack of any News update during the last two months with regard to the EDF Generator Prototype Project. It's not that we have nothing of substance to report, but everything has been in such a state of flux during that time that we haven't known quite what to say!

2002 was a rather troubled year for promoting and fundraising activities of any kind - let alone something of the particular nature of our own efforts! Be that as it may, we have purposely delayed the commencement of the actual hands-on portion of our Project in order to marshal all of our presently-available resources toward the filing of international (PCT) Patent Applications for the EDF Generator in specific and strategically-imperative countries around the world.

At this time, we have secured very expensive translation services for filing in Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish, and we anticipate being able to also file several key Applications in English - including one for the entire European Union - before the impending final deadline of January 21, 2003.

Our next posted News update will disclose the actual list of countries for which PCT filings have definitely been secured. Thank you very much for all your letters of inquiry and support, and please check back later for another important update (at http://www.stardrivedevice.com/news.html).

Mark Tomion
Archer Enterprises

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