Parallel Path Magnetics
Date: Monday, January 06, 2003 @ 23:28:41 GMT
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A Greater Force Of Attraction / Unit Of Electrical Input Can Be Achieved With Parallel Path Magnetic Technology Than With Any Conventional Electro-Magnetic Systems In Use Today.

The Foundation of Parallel Path Magnetic Technology:
The Judicious placement of Magnets and Coils on Flux paths that allow For a Magnet and Electro-Magnet to Act in Series and the Resulting Flux to Act in Parallel with Another Permanent Magnet.

The Sum Of the Series Flux and The Parallel Flux in the Active Path is Twice the Amount That Would Be Produced By the Electro-Magnet Acting Alone.

The Definition of Parallel Path Magnetic Technology:
Parallel Path Magnetic Technology is therefore defined as a special application of a controllable magnetic circuit where the flux of one permanent magnet is ADDED to the flux of second permanent magnet.

The Application of Parallel Path Magnetic Technology:
Parallel Path Magnetic Technology can be applied to virtually any electro-magnetic application that produces a holding force or motion.
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