Energy 21 200 meg website removed by persons unknown
Date: Saturday, April 02, 2005 @ 20:42:38 GMT
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To those that have asked:

A number of people have sent emails asking why they can no longer find information that I had uploaded at my Energy 21 website at

Unfortunately there seems to be a policy of those in Authority or other persons unkown to remove this type of material from the net ,that we had up to this time displayed at the energy 21 website for all to share at no cost.

I had been warned by others that this might happen but did not believe this would happen to our energy 21.
Apparently this has now been directed at the former energy 21 website.

There may be other reasons this material has been removed but this information at this time has not been communicated to me.

This material that we considered important and whilst it was not always complete, we thought it would help those engaged in backyard research without the need to reproduce costly experimentation.

I had experienced some difficulty in transferring new material to energy 21 website namely from February 2005 onwards.

Its seems from March 2005 onwards that my website has been removed from the internet by those in authority.

Please note this was done without my knowledge and consent

The website took over nine years to get up and running and we were getting over 4000 visits per night.

We were also listed as a first choice for the science catergory for several years at the companies server website..

Becuase of the size in megs of the site over 200 megs and whilst we were gratefull to fortunecity for the use of their web server space, at this time because of limited time and more so financial resources,it may be some time if ever we are able to reproduce this amount of bulk material at a new internet website location.

If you are still interested we do however have copies of this material in a html format that can be directly accessed from our CD. using an internet browser.
Please note the CD is over 600 megs in size and contains additional material in the form images ,zip file,movies ect.


This is material is now contained on our experiments in non conventional energy CD and costs $50 Australian.
$40 dollars United States Dollars
E35 Euro Dollars
Cash Notes Please.

Best wishes
Geoff Egel
18 Sturt street
Loxton 5333
South Australia

Details of how you can purchase a copy are available at the following website for the time being

If this location disappears please try my emial address at
Failing This

My Postal address is at
Geoff Egel
18 Sturt street
Loxton 5333
South Australia

At this time our newsgroups are still functioning at this time please join at

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