A Letter to President Bush About Energy
Date: Wednesday, January 19, 2005 @ 12:03:58 GMT
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Attention environmentalists! If you care about the Earth, you must come to the realization that the environmental crisis is really a crisis about energy. Methods we now use to extract energy are a major cause of environmental problems. Solving the energy crisis now would provide the economic stimulus needed to address our most pressing environmental concerns and reduce tensions worldwide.

One letter sent to the President's desk may not change the future, but fifty thousand might. Then President Bush might be convinced to invest in more alternative energy research and development.

I am posting this letter drafted to President Bush about "Zero Point Energy" in hopes that open communication and sharing information will make a difference in Washington. Write your representatives and demand action be taken, and by all means, pray for our President in this time of disasters and distress around the globe.

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January 20, 2004

President George W. Bush
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, D.C. 20501

Dear President Bush:

Every atom, whether in space or as part of a system, is radiating energy at any temperature, even at absolute zero. Known as Zero Point Energy because of this fact, this energy represents an enormous reservoir of virtually unlimited energy available to us.

The great inventor, Nikola Tesla stated that some day we would connect our machinery to the wheelworks of nature. This is exactly the opportunity that the endless energy of the atomic nature of matter presents to us. No longer will we have to contend with energy shortages and pollution. This energy source will free us as a civilization to pursue a grand vision.

How we will eventually make use of this enormous energy may be very simple - divinely simple. I believe that the universe makes use of this energy in a very simple way.

Zero Point Energy is indeed vast, but may only be useful to us at radiation frequencies because we also need energy density and the unique properties of radiated electromagnetic energy. The shell of an atom provides a small surface capacitance to store and amplify this energy and the nucleus provides a small resistance to the wave from which energy is transferred.

In other words, the atom is not unlike a power tube, or three-element transistor. We can make use of the emerging science of Nanotechnology to investigate new energy techniques.

It occurs to me that a quantum dot doped with a single impurity atom and placed in a superparamagnetic glass sphere would essentially imitate the atomic structure and utilize Zero Point Energy the same way that atoms do. The impurity atom would provide the radiant energy and the glass shell would provide amplification of this electromagnetic energy through surface capacitance and magnetic reinforcement. As the wave passed the quantum confined atom, energy would be transferred to the wave.

Essentially, this would be a resonant chamber, an inductance, and a capacitance. By first converting Zero Point Energy to light, and then to microwave and alternating electric current, we would have a complete energy system. Our system would be without fuels in the conventional form, and driven by the "Wheelworks of Nature" as Nikola Tesla once conceived.

I hope that the Department of Energy will consider this idea thoughtfully. Unlimited, non-polluting energy is what America needs most right now. An exciting future may be within our grasp if we will pursue a grand vision for America.

Thank you for your time.


Ralph Randolph Sawyer

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