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    Tilley Foundation back in the news
    Posted on Tuesday, September 28, 2004 @ 14:07:45 MST by vlad

    Devices Another electric car built and is being tested outside Tennessee to protect the technology from being suppressed or seized, Carl Tilley, Inventor

    From their site: "Despite rumors, false statements, threats and Government attempts to suppress and disrupt the Tilley Foundation, Inc in its quest to offer an all electric vehicle and a alternative power source to homes for public use, the Tilley Foundation continued on at a highly accelerated pace..

    Less than a week after the state seized the items Tilley was in the process of building another electric car and two home power units out of the state to protect the technology.

    Preliminary testing of the new electric vehicle prototype has been completed and results are listed below. This information was verified by several engineers connected with interested concerns for the rights to the technology... "

    Source: http://tilleyfoundation.com/vehicle.htm



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    "Tilley Foundation back in the news" | Login/Create an Account | 4 comments | Search Discussion
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    Re: Tilley Foundation back in the news (Score: 1)
    by DaWhistler on Tuesday, September 28, 2004 @ 16:49:05 MST
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    This is the same Tilly as on the lastpageoftheinternet. Check Adsitts Device Collection on the left and check out the newest claims...look for Tilly reference. I dont know...

    I read that a pessimest is an optimist with experience.

    Re: Tilley Foundation back in the news (Score: 1)
    by vlad on Wednesday, September 29, 2004 @ 22:27:43 MST
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
    From the KeelyNet list:

    Hola Folks!

    I have no confidence in this newest claim whatsoever....thanks to Carl
    for sharing it but still no proof, no product, no REULTS, just
    advertising and hype without a basis in trackable facts...however, I am
    posting it to show the Tilly group is still around.

    Here is what Carl Tilley sent;

    The Tilley Foundation, Inc. is a Research and Development Company. We
    are not in the business of selling, buying or mass production any of the
    research and development products or projects.

    This process of sale, buying and production is completed by outside
    concerns once the Tilley Foundation technology release agreement is

    An agreement was reached, back in 2003, for all Tilley Technology and
    all rights have been assigned to a United States based company.

    In the agreement each Tilley Foundation shareholder will have interest
    in the company that now has Technology rights based on the shares they
    held with the Tilley Foundation.

    In addition the Tilley Foundation shareholders will be paid a final
    dividend disbursement of no less than twice their original investment.

    Once the company with the technology rights completes its sale the
    proceeds will be distributed to its partners that formally were with the
    Tilley Foundation. This agreement was reached and signed by all
    shareholders of the Tilley Foundation, Inc.

    This includes the Home/Shop device, Electric Car, Electric Boat,
    Electric Bike, Electric Truck, Electric Fence, Water Pumping, ATV and
    the Electric Wheel Chair.

    The Technology agreement also states that production, sales, factory,
    franchise rights and distribution of any Tilley technology is not
    allowed in the state of Tennessee.

    ...No date has been set for public release of the location or the
    company that has Tilley Technology rights.
    Classic technique...

    Unidentified company
    Unidentified price for the sale of the 'technology'
    No date set for release of any trackable information though anyone OTHER
    than the Tilley group.

    Not good. No electric bicycle as touted way back in January or so when I
    washed my hands of it because of the change saying...well, maybe not..

    Happens way too often. I'd love to believe this and love even better to
    USE the technology to operate via the self-charging battery system, my
    house, an electic car, motorcyle, boat and or airplane.

    But it all appears (by their own actions) to be just fantasy and claims
    from this group about technology we'll never see come into practical use
    for reasons I cannot fathom. Its been almost 5 years now and still no
    beef we can use.

    If you are interested, check out their homepage at;


    and the articles about the Tilley system on KeelyNet at;


    Jerry Decker - http://www.keelynet.com

    Re: Tilley Foundation back in the news (Score: 1)
    by vlad on Wednesday, September 29, 2004 @ 23:10:18 MST
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
    More from the KeelyNet list (Jerry Decker):
    Hola Carl!

    Thanks for the response on September 18th, my comments follow;

    > Carl Tilley wrote:
    > Jerry,
    > Again I see you saying more than there is....YES now over 23 years
    > have been in the testing development of the invention but not all ever
    > day.ONLY in the last three years did I discover how to make it work
    > with no problems. years ago Many test failed ....it took time....test
    > after test...and some word work for a short time others failed. Only
    > two years or so ago I decided it needed funding to go the last and
    > final step.

    I understand and am glad you are on the final steps of your journey.
    What bothers me are the claims with never any products or fulfilling
    public tests, like the car where you could have used parts from the
    other Deloreans to finish the test and the claim of the electric bike in
    July which you rescinded as the release date approached. This does not
    bode well for reliability.

    > I worked two jobs for many years just to purchase parts for the
    > invention. When one was destroyed or "smoked" I had to work weeks to
    > save money up to purchase more parts.

    Been there, done that, but never had a machine that worked well enough
    to smoke on me. But I've heard this same thing from many inventors,
    never to be able to reproduce the original 'smoked' machine.

    > We have never said no to any person that wanted to test the invention.
    > We only ask that they be qualified, respected and known as a engineer
    > or scientist and that they put in writing what the test results were.

    And how many outside the company testers have put it in writing? If so,
    where is that posted as a PDF document anyone can read?

    > We had several offers and ALL wanted large amounts of money up front
    > for us to pay them to come out and test. Some wanted to test at their
    > facility but wanted access to the invention parts for days and weeks
    > at a time. In other words they wanted to see how it worked and how it
    > was built.

    You should put all this up on your website, who offered, what were their
    conditions, etc.. It would assuage a lot of the questions that I and
    others repeatedly ask you.

    > Patents are good if you have the money to fight those that would take
    > your patent and run with it. We never had the funds to fight a patent
    > infringement of a large company. That is why we went with trade
    > secretes.

    I agree and if nothing else, your best idea yet is the idea of skipping
    the patent office...allow potential buyers to verify, then offer a bid
    on the technology, let THEM do the protection, manufacturing and
    marketing...there are SO MANY things to investigate, so take the money
    and run but with your additional rider requiring the buyer to have the
    product/technology on the market within a reasonable period to prevent

    > Many factors went into all this. We had the Kibbey and Webb mess that
    > was resolved in court. Then we had the state issue. All this forced
    > many buyers away and much of out test results from large concerns
    > in the past (that the state took) have refused to get involved as long
    > as this state mess is going on.

    Yes, I have been monitoring that and am not a fan of Sterling or his own
    self promotions. I think he went WAY OVERBOAD in his persistent and
    prolonged attacks on you. You apparently ticked him off early on and
    he's had a hardon for you ever since. I, on the other hand, gave you as
    much support as I could but the last announcement of the electric bike
    to be out in July, then cancelled was just too much. The car was bad,
    the bike just added to it. WHEN DOES IT STOP? When is it proven as a
    REAL EFFECT, on the market, trackable???

    > We had numerous test results from well known concerns but all did not
    > want their name revealed as they were prospective buyers. That was the
    > agreement at that time.

    So now that you have a buyer and a closed deal, you can RELEASE THESE
    CONCERNS and results that they can be tracked and verified since these
    companies are no longer in the running??? Great to put on your website.

    > We welcome any person to come out and test.We have never refused
    > anyone to test on our property that was certified. BUT they must be
    > well known and at their own expense. I have made this offer many
    > times. If they come out and test and after 8 hours if our invention
    > will not do as we say we will pay their basic expenses of food,
    > lodging transportation BUT not wages or fees.If it performs as we
    > state they pay their own expenses.

    8 hours? Why the limit if the claim is a self-charging battery system
    that also provides useable power???

    > I need not expense my actions to you or a Sterlin Allan groupie. But
    > these are the facts. So Jerry if you are so hot to go......get a
    > certified person with his testing equipment ....show me his
    > qualifications ....we will check him out and if he is what you say we
    > will test until he drops.

    True, you should know I detest Allan and his tactics and have often
    fought for you in this little fiasco. I don't have the money to test or
    sponsor a test. You are the claimant, it is YOURS TO HAVE IT PROVED AND
    VERIFIED independently. In truth, you just SAID other 'concerns' had
    verified the device so NOW with them not in the running, you can release
    their names and test results as a beginning for outside verification.

    Yet, I doubt you will do that for one excuse or another, though I hope
    IF WHAT YOU SAY ABOUT THEIR TESTS IS TRUE, then you will release that

    > We will NOT let anyone see inside the box. They can run test all they
    > want.

    Not a problem. Black box testing for an unprotected device is common sense.

    > So shut up or put up. Like Allan you talk but have never seen it work
    > under test conditions. Stop picking and put your talk to the test.
    > Bring it on. I challenge you to do so.

    I should put up or shut up? Is it me who is making claims, gathering
    and appeasing investors, never coming through with any public
    demonstrations or outside, independent testing of the claims.

    It is not I...you made yourself and your company very public figures,
    therefore subject to proof and questioning of all you say relating to
    your technology.

    YOU MADE THE CLAIMS, you must prove those claims yet you still refuse
    and try to put the proving on me (or others for that matter).

    It is irrational thinking. I still have hopes but don't think anything
    will come of any of your claims even if they are true. Perhaps someone
    else should have the final say in your company, someone who recognizes
    the requirements of science and industry....ergo, PROOF instead of
    claims and excuses.

    I don't mean any of this to be vituperative...just WHEN if you have any
    confidence in any of your claims are you or your associates going to
    stop all the claims and stories and back patting...

    None of this helps the world or benefits the investors by sales of
    working devices. At this point, all appearances are trick tests because
    all that you post are internal testing, never outside who will stand up
    to their methods, results and observations.

    Now is the perfect time to provide the testing information and results
    by all those other companies you claim DID test and PROVE your
    claims...but AT THE TIME, you could not release their names or testing
    information BECAUSE they were potential buyers.

    NOW with the technology SOLD, you should have no restrictions on
    releasing those apparently independent testing results.

    When will these be on your website for everyone to study and check up on?

    And when will PRODUCTS be on the market rather than announcements
    apparently designed to appease investors wanting to know when if ever
    they will see a return on their investment?

    The ball has never been in my court since I don't make claims...

    YOU make claims.
    YOU fail to pay for independent testing.
    YOU fail to allow any person, company or university to verify the phenomena.
    YOU fail to offer products.

    So, you say I should shut up or put up? Carl, come on...I'm still
    hoping you are telling the truth and that you will take the steps
    necessary to help the world by a release of working devices based on
    your technology.

    I remain puzzled how you and your group can allow such paranoia,
    suppression and control of a technology which could benefit so many and
    save so many lives.

    If that was me, I wouldn't be able to sleep or live KNOWING everytime I
    read of an American or Allied soldier dying due to our governments quest
    for OIL...it could have been stopped if only I had gotten my technology
    into USE all over the world.

    Morally it is completely wrong to hold back such a discovery UNLESS it
    is a fake or scam.

    If its only for money, thats even worse...to let people suffer and die
    in the interests of profit?

    I am appalled...I cannot believe that is the type of people who are
    'given' such technology.

    Maybe my view of the world remains too utopian but I'll stick with it
    and try to maintain a clean conscience.

    Good luck until your investors finally see the light, decide to pull the
    plug and FORCE you to do something with it or they remove you from the

    It has never been personal, its only about technology and how it can
    help the world.

    > Carl Tilley

    Jerry Decker - http://www.keelynet.com

    Re: Tilley Foundation back in the news (Score: 1)
    by Rob (rob@zpenergy.com) on Thursday, September 30, 2004 @ 12:28:57 MST
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
    One really odd thing that struck me was:
    "An additional charging unit (set for 12 volts) was installed to maintain the battery for lights, horn, wipers, ECT. This solved the need of an expensive converter to step down the 144 volts to 12 volts."


    BS! I could make a such a DC-DC converter no sweat easily handling 1 KW+ (either flyback but then we're on the edge, but zero current resonant converters are really good and can handle the power no sweat!). And it would be cheapest device of the entire car! Seeing something like that raises the red flag. I've given up on Tilley. Period.


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