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    New scientific report on the E-Cat shows excess heat and nuclear process
    Posted on Friday, October 10, 2014 @ 00:54:54 MST by vlad

    Devices Originally published on Animpossibleinvention.com by Mats Lewan:

    A new scientific report on the E-Cat has been released, providing two important findings from a 32-day testrun of the reactor — together leading to the clear conclusion that the E-Cat is an energy source based on some kind of nuclear reaction, without radiation outside the reactor.

    The first is an energy release which puts the reactor way beyond conventional (chemical) sources of energy.

    The second is a dramatic shift in isotopic composition in the fuel after the testrun, meaning changes have occurred in the atomic nuclei of the elements present in the fuel.

    The report is entitled “Observation of abundant heat production from a reactor device and of isotopic changes in the fuel” (Download here) and is written by Giuseppe Levi, Evelyn Foschi, Bo Höistad, Roland Pettersson, Lars Tegnér and Hanno Essén, all of whom also wrote an earlier third party report on the E-Cat.

    In the concluding remarks they write:

    “In summary, the performance of the E-Cat reactor is remarkable. We have a device giving heat energy compatible with nuclear transformations, but it operates at low energy and gives neither nuclear radioactive waste nor emits radiation. From basic general knowledge in nuclear physics this should not be possible. Nevertheless we have to relate to the fact that the experimental results from our test show heat production beyond chemical burning, and that the E-Cat fuel undergoes nuclear transformations. It is certainly most unsatisfying that these results so far have no convincing theoretical explanation, but the experimental results cannot be dismissed or ignored just because of lack of theoretical understanding.”

    The authors are very careful not to make any decisive conclusions on how the reaction occurs. Yet, they make some interesting remarks, among them considerations on similarities with observations in astrophysics.

    Without any optimization with regard to input power, the reactor produced between 3.2 and 3.6 times the input power, and a total energy of 1.5 MWh from about 1 gram of fuel. The reactor was switched off according to plan, with no signs of the reaction slowing down. As I point out in my book An Impossible Invention — an energy source of this kind will have huge consequences for humanity, possibly solving a series of global issues.


    Full article: New scientific report on the E-Cat shows excess heat and nuclear process

    Subject also covered (and commented) on :

    E-CAT World: E-Cat Report Released: ‘Not a Conventional Source of Energy’ (Cold Fusion/LENR Confirmed)

    ExtremeTech: Cold fusion reactor verified by third-party researchers, seems to have 1 million times the energy density of gasoline

    The American Reporter: AR Exclusive: Energy Breakthrough: AT LAST, FUEL FOR OUR DREAMS




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    "New scientific report on the E-Cat shows excess heat and nuclear process" | Login/Create an Account | 5 comments | Search Discussion
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    Some thoughts just for the purpose of thinking something... (Score: 1)
    by vlad on Sunday, October 12, 2014 @ 02:29:44 MST
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
    From LENR forum:
    LiAlH4 decomposes at 400°C to LiAl and H2(gas) i.e. loads the cell with hydrogen
    LiAl is liquid above 900°C
    Al can getter clean NiO oxide layer from the heavily oxidised Ni grain surface by forming Al2O3
    Ni is not magnetic above 600°C So what is then special for Ni ?

    The third report is a step forward but there are still to many experimental question unanswered. Good thing is people can start to do different measurements and in 5-6 month positive or negative results will be here.

    then some metal hydride thoughts

    0.5g of H2 = 1 mole of H atoms gives 6E23 * 5MeV =3E30eV nuclear energy or 3E30 eV/6E18= 0.5E12J energy or 500.000MJ, so you need to burn 5mg of hydrogen to reach the 5000MJ that was produced in the 32days test. 5mg reflects in 50mg amount of of LiAlH4 complex hydride.

    Given 1cm3 volume of the cell containing Ni and LiAlH4 the H2 pressure in the cell at 1200 is
    P=NkT/V= 6E21*1.4E-23J/K*1.5E3K/1E-6m3 = 6*1.4/1.5*E(21-23-3+6) = 6E1N/m2 or 6Pascal or 0.06mbar not very high pressure

    (NiH needs at least 5000bar pressure at room temperature to be formed so NiH has never been part of LENR)
    Only possible loading is the dilute phase NiHx where x is rather low number but increases with temperature since Ni +H to NiHx is endothermic reaction but Ni + H to NiH (hydride) is slightly exothermic.

    Apparent loading of Ni to NIH seen by lot of people by a pressure drop is not due to NiH formation it is just due to pressure drop caused by Rydberg matter formation, the frozen plasma state of hydrogen is an entertaining comparison :)

    So look for answers in Leif Holmlid's numerous papers about Rydberg Matter and ultra dense hydrogen.

    Sveinn Olafsson
    University of Iceland

    Brian Josephson (Nobel Prize winner) comment on Nature's website (Score: 1)
    by vlad on Sunday, October 12, 2014 @ 02:48:16 MST
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com

    The most important news of the year, perhaps, not just the last seven days? The results of a new investigation into the Rossi reactor (allegedly a high-power cold fusion reactor), involving running the reactor over a 32-day period, are now out. The report not only confirms output power far in excess of anything possible by chemical reaction, but also gives a clear indication that a nuclear reaction is occurring, on the basis of a substantial change in the isotopic proportions of Li and Ni over the period of the run.

    . . .I predict that pigs will fly before Nature makes any mention of the report, which has also been put on hold by the physics preprint archive arxiv.org (with an earlier report, a leaked email disclosed that the moderators were trying hard to find a reason to block the report but eventually gave in). Brian Josephson

    (via: The Weiler Psi [weilerpsiblog.wordpress.com] blog)

    More debate on the E-Cat test report (Score: 1)
    by vlad on Monday, October 13, 2014 @ 18:12:46 MST
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
    From Peter Gluck's Ego Out blog: IF 990 MILLIGRAMS OF ASH SAMPLE COULD SPEAK!?


    The third day after the publication of the second Rossi report by the Professors- vigorous activities take place on the Web
    and in the progressive press.

    Intense ‘wisdom of crowds’ discussions contributes to the global understanding of what the report states and to the correct appreciation of so many critical details- some of them fuzzy.

    In parallel, Twin Peaks analyses (revealing the Evil in the Report) try to kill the report (the Twin Peak TV serial was based on the principle that the Evil is indestructible and always wins. For these analysts, Andrea Rossi is the personification of the Evil and his simple presence converts any experiment in black magic and scam. Actually the Twin Peak analysts are themselves unjust and evil in great extent, plus destructive perfectionist.)

    However as the time goes, it becomes increasingly important what the Report and Rossi does NOT say, and why they don’t say it. It is good that there have created more possibilities for the readers to ask questions from the Professors. This will add a lot to the value of the Report. I am eager to try this possibility...

    Full article: IF 990 MILLIGRAMS OF ASH SAMPLE COULD SPEAK!? [egooutpeters.blogspot.ro]

    Some interesting comments:

    Lenr G: Your readers may be interested in the fuel/ash analysis on LENR For the Win: http://lenrftw.net/assessing_ecat_report.html#fuel-analysis
    Axil: Air poisoning of the reaction has been an iron clad rule in Ni/H technology from its beginning. Now Rossi has overcome this poisoning no no.

    One way that this might happen is that the reaction no longer occurring in the gas phase where the nitrogen in the air and hydrogen can mix. The hydrogen might become chemically bound to lithium and/or carbon after it is released from the lithium aluminum hydride storage medium leaving the nitrogen floating above it all far from the reaction site.

    The reaction might be occurring in solid form with hydrogen bound to some other combination of elements. Lithium seems the most likely chemical mate for the hydrogen solid state storage system because of the high temperatures needed to release the hydrogen from the lithium.

    This implies that the reaction occurs in two parts. The nickel powder produces an EMF beam that reaches out from beyond the nickel particle and affects the hydride at some considerable distance from the nickel particle.

    When the hydrogen is in gaseous form, the nitrogen poisons it. However when the hydrogen becomes chemically bound in a hydride, it can participate in the reaction.

    This is a great burnout control technique because temperature rises will reduce the intensity of the hydrogen reaction in the solid state. This gas poisoning in the gaseous state puts a ceiling on how high the temperature of the reactor can go.

    Axil: This latest third party test exposes LENR for what it is, an impossible miracle that works. Any clear thinking technologist would rightly evaluate this test as impossible. LENR is far stranger than fiction and is far ahead of its time. And yet Rossi still marches forward with a continuing stream of LENR advances that he surely does not understand. Like a possessed rat in a maze in a state of perpetual panic, through his frantic edisonian approach characterized by trial and error discovery rather than a systematic theoretical understanding he is building a device that can power a star ship.

    What would Ben Franklin thing about a demo of a nuclear reactor? Ben would naturally think nuclear power was impossible. I can understand that most clear thinking people would discount Rossi's improved LENR as impossible and that Rossi is a nut. It’s just that there are so many science advances involved; it is hard for our culture in its current state of development to accept Rossi's LENR (AKA LENR+).

    I just hope that somebody can soon get LENR+ into the marketplace so that our science can be bullied forward by the scruff of its neck to understand what is purring down in the basement.

    Anon: You don't think Rossi simply salted the ash with too much pure store-bought Ni-62 by mistake? I think he was rushed and simply made a mistake while cheating. Why would this not be the simplest explanation for such an impossible result? Do you have any idea how convoluted you have to get to explain his ash? Even inventive and prolific Axil can only say it's an impossible miracle. Well fraud is neither a miracle, not, unfortunately, is it impossible, especially given Rossi's past.

    Also a good general article: Apocalypse Revealed – The Four Horsemen of Andrea Rossi's E-Cat

    Re: New scientific report on the E-Cat shows excess heat and nuclear process (Score: 1)
    by profraccoon on Saturday, October 18, 2014 @ 14:58:50 MST
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Very important scientific work and report, and finally, more details on Rossi's secret formulae, finally confirmation of LENR. Just great news.

    If I am not mistaken, LENR means the following:  neutrons are formed by fusing a proton and electron together (from the hydrogen atoms), then this neutron does not have to overcome the Coulomb barrier to fuse with a nickel or lithium nucleus.

    The question is, is a neutrino necessary in the equation? Some will tell you that an anti-neutrino is emitted during the neutron creation, in order to have spin conservation. Fact is, Don Borghi already observed neutron creation from hydrogen

    Well, the practicle results are great, and far more important than any physics theory. Hopefully we can buy a Rossi ecat soon enough. With a little bit of solar electricity we can warm our houses during the winter. Still we need a good battery pack to store electric energy.

    Very encouraging news also from the battery front: the nanoflowcell battery has 5 times the lithium-ion energy/Kg and delivers enough power for a sportscar, has about the same charge/efficiency and can be recharged 10000 times.
    My electric scooter (2 lithium battery packs, 120 km range) can drive 600 km without recharging on a nanoflow battery pack. Will last a life time, just great.

    @Wlad  I see your comments on scienceforms.net  about your email with Gerard 'Hooft,  very amusing! I always detested the Noble prices and the fake authority  that is bought with these prices (by the world's elite, for whatever agenda). Don Borghi's experiments were not phony. The question is, what is going on during the neutron creation, for instance, does the electron go into very low energy orbit (does not disappear actually), releasing also a photon beyond the ultra-violet frequency, according to the hydrino hypothesis?

    Many questions to be answered.

    Rossi: ‘Magnificence’ E-Cat Plant Comprises 103 E-Cats, 100 Computers (Score: 1)
    by vlad on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 @ 02:29:24 MST
    (User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com
    Rossi: ‘Magnificence’ E-Cat Plant Comprises 103 E-Cats, 100 Computers

    I put a question today to Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics asking about whether he had time to work on the 1MW plant lately, and the current status of the project.

    This was his response:

    Frank Acland:
    I dedicate all my time to my 1MW baby and the connected R&D. I honestly am very positive: it is a magnificence, even if a lot of problems had to be resolved and probably will have to, but our model is NASA: how many failures before arriving on the Moon with the boots. “Non mollare mai” ( Never give up). Mostly all of my time goes to this, but also, in collaboration with nuclear physicists I am working on a theory that could explain the results of the report. I think that we will be able to reconcile everything with good sense and in full respect of the Standars Model. The dark side is that I have time for nothing else.
    Obviously this effort is shared by all the Team, in particular the electronic engineers, who are making a masterpiece to harmonize an orchestra of 103 E-Cats with a quite complex play of Cats and Mice; the control system is made by about 100 computers . This wonderful Team is writing a page of History; every component of this Team is working at the maximum of his capacity.
    Thank you very much for your kind attention,
    Warm Regards,

    I like the analogy to NASA — one can almost imagine a team as dedicated to launching the first E-Cat plant into the world as the Apollo 11 team was in getting the first men to the moon and back. It sounds like a very complex task, but it sounds like they are all determined to make it a success.

    Source: http://www.e-catworld.com/2014/10/21/rossi-magnificence-e-cat-plant-comprises-103-e-cats-100-computers/ [www.e-catworld.com]


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