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Posted on Saturday, January 18, 2003 @ 01:16:48 GMT by vlad

Testimonials From Hal Fox, Ed. J. New Energy:

There are dramatic developments being made in new-energy systems. Definition: New-energy does not include the older forms of "alternative energy" with sources from sun, wind, tide, geothermal, or biomass. Also not included are fuel cells and the use of hydrogen. Fuel cells are a hundred-year-old technology.

Creating energy from the burning of fossil fuels creates a market that is approximately $4.5 trillion per year. [Source of data from Encyclopaedia Britannica Book of the Year 2000, computed at
5 cents per kilowatt hour.] The result of fossil fuel combustion is global warming and the pollution of our atmosphere. These valuable fossil-fuel resources should be retained for continued long-term use as chemical feed stocks.

Our group has spent over 14 years searching the world for new-energy devices. There are now five new-energy devices that have been invented, tested, and which are in some stage of being commercialized and are considered to have strong commercial potential.

All five new-energy devices are patented (or have patents pending) and all five appear to pass our stringent requirements as follows:

1. The device must provide three times as much energy output as energy input. [Thermal energy is about one-third the cost of electrical energy and some devices use electrical input with thermal output.]

2. The source of the energy must have a scientific basis.

3. The devices must be non-polluting, tap a large energy source, and be able to be economically manufactured, in other words, have a strong commercial potential.

The following is a list of viable new-energy devices that are judged to have near-term, strong, commercial potential:

1. Devices based on high-density, electron charge clusters (six patents issued). For example, see U.S. Patent 5,018,180. Note: this is the first patent, known to us, to state that the excess energy comes from tapping the zero-point vacuum energy of space. This discovery appears to be a major candidate for providing our future energy needs. The Utah group (Emerging Energy Marketing Firm, Inc., EEMF) has the exclusive rights to all six patents that have issued in the U.S.

2. Dr. Randell Mills patented discovery of energy from water
(from the hydrogen in water). See www.blacklightpower.com. The source of this energy is a new form of chemical energy.

3. The Russian patented process for a low-energy nuclear reactor. Reportedly, two kilowatts of electrical input provides forty kilowatts of thermal energy. The source of this energy is from relatively safe, low-energy, nuclear reactions.

4. Tom Bearden (and co-inventors) stationary electromagnetic generator (one patent issued others pending). This device apparently is also tapping the energy of space. Independent testing is currently underway.

The fifth device is under a non-disclosure agreement.

It is past time for governments (state and national) and, more important, private industry, to recognize that solutions to the current polluting, high-cost, energy sources are available. Development funds have been provided from corporate and private investors. No U.S. government funds have been used in these new- energy developments.

Any one of the above new-energy discoveries can be commercialized within two years with an estimated $15 million or less. To build a new fossil-fuel-powered, atmospheric-polluting, electrical generating plant will take at least three years and cost $100 million or more.

EEMF is being privately funded for a project to demonstrate that radioactive solids can be transmuted to stable elements with a dramatic reduction in radioactivity. We have demonstrated the capability to dramatically reduce radioactivity from radioactive liquids. (Paper presented at a meeting of the American Nuclear Society).

One can keep up with these developments by a $35 per year Membership in the Institute of New Energy and receive New Energy News by email each month. Also, one can subscribe to the peer- reviewed Journal of New Energy for $150 per year.

Submitted by Hal Fox, Editor, J. of New Energy.
3084 E. 3300 S. Salt Lake City, UT 84109 Phone 801-466-8680 Fax 801-466-8668

Some further notes: The best discussion of the nature of the incomplete Maxwell equations is the special issue of the Journal of New Energy, Vol 4, No. 3, "The New Maxwell Electrodynamic Equations, New Tools for New Technologies." This is a collection of 60 papers from the Alpha Foundation's Institute for Advanced Study. This volume also includes the reprint of two original Whitaker papers. [This issue has sold out but will soon be available on a CD-ROM which will contain all articles from Vol 4, 5, and 6 of the JNE.]

Another important series of papers that have been printed in the JNE are papers from Russian scientists discussing some of the aspects of torsion field technology. Torsion field fluctuations travel "at least one million times faster than the speed of light." There is an entire new communications system that is expected to be developed from torsion field technology.

Einstein made some assumptions prior to his development of the Special Theory of Relativity, such as one need not consider space energy and that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light in a vacuum. Both assumptions are incorrect. Some parts of science has been bogged down by slavish acceptance of Einstein's SRT and General Theory. Einstein, himself was not so deluded and didn't expect his work to continue without considerable changes and improvements. An excellent source for discussion is the late Jorge C‚spedes Cur‚'s book: "Einstein on Trial" ISBN 0-9713873-0-3.

Here is an interesting paper (to be published in the Journal of New Energy) by Dr. Alexander Ilyanok about the "Hollow Sun." This paper explains a variety of peculiarities of the sun, especially how the sun could have such a relatively low density.

There are some interesting concepts about the mid-Atlantic Rift where some of the earth hot interior intrudes into the ocean. It is reasonably well known that some of the high-velocity, energy- rich emanations that travel through all of space can go right through the earth, however some of these emanations do stop and are turned from energy to protons within the earth. This is an interesting concept and explains the source of much of the earth's natural gas and oil (provided you can explain where the carbon came from to combine with the hydrogen). This also explains the gradual change in the earth's size (and the separation of some of the land masses). Some speculate that the dinosaurs would not be able to stand with the heavier gravity of the larger earth that we now have.

In our work with high-density, electron charge clusters (HDCC) we have found that impacting HDCC can cause some degree of transmutations. The explanation is that the HDCC (toroids of billions of electrons that range from 0.5 to 3.0 microns in diameter) pick up protons from the air. The combined HDCC (with less than 1 proton for a million electrons) can be accelerated to nuclear reaction velocities with less than 100,000 volts. At high velocities the protons can impact the nuclei of elements and cause nuclear reactions. One of the resulting concepts is that the trillions of strikes of lightning (which contain many HDCC) has produced a considerable elemental transformation in the earth's surface over the period of many millennia.

A. Zielinski makes the following observations: "Inertia would mean subatomic interaction with aether."

Your readers may be interested in the following paper: Bernard Haisch, Alfonso Rueda, & H. E. Puthoff, "Inertia as a zero-point-field Lorentz force," Physical Rev A, Vol 49, No 2, Feb 1994, pp 678-604, 45 refs.

Again Zielinski: "Gravity would mean obstruction of the flow of aether..." See the following paper: H.E. Puthoff, "Gravity as a zero-point-fluctuation force," Physical Review A, Vol 39, No 5, March 1, 1989, pp 2333-2342, 33 refs.

Again Zielinski: "The earth may be growing, its mass may be increasing and its temperature may be rising." See my above concepts on the earth's increase in mass and size.

Again Zielinski: "The big bang, presumably causing the expansion of the universe, may be just an impression caused by the movement of aether towards the center of our galaxy."

We suggest the following article to your readers, including Zielinski: Petar K. Anastasovski, H. Fox, K. Shoulders, "A New Approach to the Cosmic Red-Shift and to the Cosmic Microwave Sources," J. New Energy, vol 1, no 2, Summer 1996, pp 79-87, 4 refs, 5 figs. This paper shows that the red shift (major concept for an expanding universe is the slowing of light by its interaction with ions in space.

Again Zielinski: "Electric power can be generated from aether."

See the following: Kenneth R. Shoulders, "Energy Conversion Using High Charge Density", U.S. Patent 5,018,180, issued May 21, 1991. This was the first charge-cluster (EV) patent to issue and states: "An EV passing along a traveling wave device, for example, may be both absorbing and emitting electrons. In this way, the EV may be considered as being continually formed as it propagates. In any event, energy is provided to the traveling wave output conductor, and the ultimate source of this energy appears to be the zero-point radiation of the vacuum continuum."

To my best knowledge, this is the first U.S. patent that has issued for tapping energy from the aether. Hal Fox

The following pair of comments: "The aether technology in which I am involved, is environmentally clean and unlimited. Its application is neither restricted or limited by materials or resources [Zielinski]"... and reply from ### [Shawn B.] "..this is a pipe dream. There is no research published that shows this. The guy is dreaming."

The Journal of New Energy is an excellent source of information on new-energy devices and systems. As fast as the new-energy developments can be published (normally after patents are filed) we do our best to get the information out to our subscribers.

The comment by ### "Prof. Zielinski is a crackpot. THis monograph is proof."

My comment: Thank whatever powers may be for crackpots. They are the ones that change the world!

I hope that some of the above information will be of interest to your readers.

Best personal regards, Hal Fox, Ed. J. New Energy



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