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"For now, secrecy orders on FE patents are justified." | Login/Create an Account | 10 comments
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Re: Is Shoulders a self described FE researcher? (Score: 1)
by vlad on Sunday, February 15, 2004 @ 18:56:40 GMT
(User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com

What do you think? Here are some of his quotes:

"Under preferred conditions, the gas pressure is reduced to the lowest value that will sustain the EV generation... With the input pulse length reduced to 5 ns for example, the corrected energy conversion factor becomes (16 5) 30 = 96. That is to say, with the input pulse lengths reduced as noted, energy available at the output of the helix of the traveling wave tube is 96 times the energy input to the traveling wave tube, in addition to the energy consumed within the traveling wave tube and the energy available in the form of collected particles at the collector electrode...Even a greater energy conversion factor is available if the input pulse is further reduced; an EV may be generated with an input pulse as short as 10-3 ns. The EV is a mechanism for tapping a source of energy [probably the zero-point] and providing that energy for conversion to usable electrical form...I believe a large portion of the electron charges contained within an EV are masked, so that... the EV does not manifest to external measuring devices a charge size equal to the total charge contained within an EV...I will invoke zero point fluctuations as the ubiquitous energy source to sustain the life of the EV... I claim that the initial motion of electrons set up at the time of an EV formation is kept in equilibrium or compressed further by the electromagnetic input from the zero-point fluctuations..."

And we know about Shoulders because, as Hal Fox mentioned, he was smart and managed to avoid the Secrecy Order. Once you get it...you know, the 3 monkeys...see/hear/talk no evil ;-). Here is some more info to enlighten you on this topic and not make a fool of yourself in the future (from The Secrecy Order Program in the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, http://www.fas.org/sgp/othergov/invention/index.html):

"The Invention Secrecy Act of 1951 requires the government to impose "secrecy orders" on certain patent applications that contain sensitive information, thereby restricting disclosure of the invention and withholding the grant of a patent. Remarkably, this requirement can be imposed even when the application is generated and entirely owned by a private individual or company.

There are several types of secrecy order which range in severity from simple prohibitions on export (but allowing other disclosure for legitimate business purposes) up to classification, requiring secure storage of the application and prohibition of all disclosure.

At the end of fiscal year 2003, there were 4838 secrecy orders in effect...

The Secrecy Orders apply to the subject matter of the invention, not just to the patent application itself. Thus, the Secrecy Order restricts disclosure or publication of the invention in any form. Furthermore, other patent applications already filed or later filed which contain any significant part of the subject matter of the application also fall within the scope of the Order and must be brought to the attention of Licensing & Review if such applications are not already under Secrecy Order by the Commissioner.

The effects of a Secrecy Order are detailed in the notifying letter and include restrictions on disclosure of the invention and delay of any patent grant until the Order is rescinded.


When the Secrecy Order issues, the law specifies that the subject matter or any material information relevant to the application, including unpublished details of the invention, shall not be published or disclosed to any person not aware of the invention prior to the date of the Order, including any employee of the principals except as permitted by the Secrecy Order. The law also requires that all information material to the subject matter of the application be kept in confidence, unless written permission to disclose is first obtained from the Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks except as provided by the Secrecy Order. Therefore, all correspondence to be filed in an application which is subject to a secrecy order and which is directly related to the subject matter covered by the secrecy order must be transmitted to the Office in a manner which would preclude disclosure to unauthorized individuals and addressed as set forth in 37 CFR 5.33. Use of facsimile transmission is not permitted (37 CFR 1.6(d)(6)).

Subject matter under Secrecy Order must be safeguarded under conditions that will provide adequate protection and prevent access by unauthorized persons.

When applicants desire to change the Power of Attorney in an application under Secrecy Order, the name, date of birth and Social Security number of the new attorney(s) should be included in the change notice so that Licensing and Review may conduct the necessary access security clearance checks.

Applicants should also ensure that the correspondence address (37 CFR 1.33) of any application under Secrecy Order represents a location suitable for the receipt of security information...


If, prior to or after the issuance of the Secrecy Order, any significant part of the subject matter or material information relevant to the application has been or is revealed to any U.S. citizen in the United States, the principals must promptly inform such person of the Secrecy Order and the penalties for improper disclosure. If such part of the subject matter was or is disclosed to any person in a foreign country or foreign national in the U.S., the principals must not inform such person of the Secrecy Order, but instead must promptly funiish to the Assistant Comniissioner for Patents, Patent and Trademark Office, Attention: Licensing and Review Washington, D.C. 20231 the following information to the extent not already furnished: date of disclosure; name and address of the disclosee; identification of such subject matter; and any authorization by a U.S. government agency to export such subject matter. If the subject matter is included in any foreign patent application or patent, this should be identified..."

And here is how things work Chip (source: cryptome.org):

Office of the Secretary
Defense Science Board
AGENCY: Department of Defense.
ACTION: Notice of advisory committee meeting.
SUMMARY: The Defense Science Board Task Force on Identification Technologies will meet in closed session on March 15-16, 2004; April 15-16, 2004; and May 5-6, 2004, at Strategic Analysis Inc., 3601 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA. The Task Force will assess current technologies and operational concepts to identify and track individuals and materiel.

The mission of the Defense Science Board is to advise the Secretary of Defense and the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology & Logistics on scientific and technical matters as they affect the perceived needs of the Department of Defense. In this assessment, the task force's investigation will encompass defense, intelligence, and commercial systems, including compartmented technology in development and promising technologies in the lab that are not yet deployed..."

So, you go and run a poll on Santa's diet on your site John...it is safer ;-D

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