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"For now, secrecy orders on FE patents are justified." | Login/Create an Account | 10 comments
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Re: This doesn't happen. (Score: 1)
by Archer on Tuesday, February 10, 2004 @ 14:45:43 GMT
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As it turns out, I myself am aware of only one such secrecy order imposed on a bona fide free energy researcher - Adam Trombly, for his work on the ACME homopolar generator entitled "Closed Path Homopolar Machine". [Trombly's co-inventer was Joseph Kahn.] As related in Thomas Valone's book "The Homopolar Handbook", Trombly & Kahn's patent application was rejected twice, the first time on the grounds that it simply wouldn't work, and the second time for infringement on prior art.
Since Faraday homopolar machines have been in the public domain for so long, it is likely that the only truly patentable part of their device was the novel liquid sodium-potassium (Na-K) brush system. Nevertheless, the Office of Naval Intelligence intervened shortly after the second rejection, declared the novel brush design 'Classified', and placed a gag order on the inventors citing "national security" issues related to DoD work on homopolar generator design.
However, Trombly & Kahn had also filed a PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) Application, a copy of which may be obtained from the World Intellectual Property Organization: Int'l. Publication # WO 82/ 02126, dated 24 June 1982 (24.06.82); Int'l. Application # PCT/US81/01588.
I'm sure there must be other instances where things like this have happened, and in fact I'm quite surprised that my own Patent was granted without a single question or objection being raised. It has since become painfully clear to me, though, that nearly no one on earth understands my work on the EDF Generator (an electrostatic induction variant of the Faraday dynamo) well enough to consider it a threat or even an item of much interest. In my own case, this is merely indicative of the general "dumbing-up" of people as our godless society evolves backwards, and in Trombly & Kahn's case it's simply another example of duplicitous and retrograde thinking on the part of those who Bruce DePalma called "the servitors of greed and ego".

Yours truly,

Mark Tomion
Archer Enterprises

| Parent

Re: This doesn't happen. (Score: 1)
by vlad on Tuesday, February 10, 2004 @ 19:49:26 GMT
(User Info | Send a Message) http://www.zpenergy.com

Some more comments sent directly to me:
Hi Vlad,

I have been working with the mathematics of free energy online for the past couple years (www.tshankha.com), but nobody has ever threatened me or asked me to curb my work. I think what it comes down to is that some people spend a tremendous amount of time and money trying to find free energy. When they reach that point where they think of themselves as a failure, or when people demand proof, they instinctively hide behind the veil of black ops and conspiracy. There are probably others who are just so paranoid that when they receive a call and nobody is there, they immediately interpret that as a threat on their life because of their "important" work.

I know I've read a lot of conspiracy theories, and many of them seem to provide compelling evidence, and there are probably some people who borrowed money from the mob or stepped on a political opponent's toe. But I have not seen any compelling evidence that there is an organized cover-up for free energy. If anything, in light of my present research, I see an incredible string of ignorance that stretches back 100 years and more. People like Tesla who could have been the richest men in the world, but sold their souls and ended up paupers. And then there were the science wannabees, like Thomas Edison, who were shrewder at business than science, and lived a life of luxury.

If inventers would just share their first working idea with the public, in the public domain, they would be propelled to great heights and have many opportunities to invent other things that could be patented. As a case in point, John Hutchison is now beginning to reap the rewards of his levitation and cold melting experiments. If he doesn't learn to be a good business man, he too will pass from this world a pauper. But he does have a chance to make it right now if he plays his cards right.

Dave Thompson

Hello, Vlad, and everyone on the Alternative or New Energy list, and those, like me, who could have a political interest:

Secrecy Orders are a real problem. The very people against whom they are applied, are bound over by law to *not* divulge to anyone that they've been given Secrecy Orders. The penalty is possible imprisonment. I doubt in such circumstances, therefore, that we'd ever find any individual who has a Secrecy Order, without risking his freedom, and perhaps a beating from the authorities (FBI?, Secret Service?, RCMP?, MI5?).

The dilemma is that for national security purposes, the authorities can always claim that the information from a "Free Energy" invention would be potentially useful to possible enemies one's country might have. For example, were Al Qaeda to have Free Energy information, it'd have a "leg up" on the United States and its allies, being able to travel great distances to its target areas in small, hard-to-detect craft, without concern for re-fueling. So the solution from one perspective, is to ban everyone from having Free Energy generators, except one's own miltary and police, or other agencies of government having a "need to know" ("black" projects?). So, with that "solution", one's own people would be forbidden from having devices which could free them from the shackles of diminishing supplies of oil, coal, and gas as basic energy, and begin to rapidly reduce pollution from the combustion of these non-renewable fuels. We also know that those who have the energy, can exert economic control.


Hal Ade
Member, Canadian Action Party, Ottawa West-Nepean
Member, Planetary Association for Clean Energy
Member, "Keep Electricity Public", Ottawa
Member, Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa
Subscriber, "Infinite Energy" and "Extraordinary Technology" Magazines.

Dear Vlad,

Here is one case well know to me: When Ken Shoulders was ready to file his first patent on High-Density, electron Charge Clusters (HDCC) his patent attorney warned him that it would likely be classified SECRET. However, there was no government funds involved in the development. Therefore, it was perfectly legal to send information to others AS SOON AS THE PATENT APPLICATION WAS PLACED IN THE MAIL. A small book describing the HDCC technology was mailed to some 20 or more scientific friends in various parts of the world.

It took about two days for the patent office to classify this technology as SECRET. The attorney reported that these books had been sent to a variety of persons. The patent examiner asked for the mailing list. Unfortunately, the computer malfunction had eaten the mailing list. After a couple of days of discussion, the patent office withdrew the SECRET classification.

Later, the patent was issued as U.S. Patent Number 5,018,180.

One does not hear much about the inventions that get classified as SECRET because one can be jailed for discussing a SECRET technology!

In my career as a Missile System Engineer, I have worked on many SECRET projects. In all cases, the projects were government funded. The security classification was appropriate. However, it is my judgement that inventions, not funded by government funds, should NOT be subject to SECRET classification unless there is a negotiated agreement with the inventor and substantial funds paid to the inventor for his work and potential loss of income.

The above example is just one of many such occurrences.

Best personal regards,

Hal Fox,
Ed. J. of New Energy

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