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A Fresh Look at Invention Secrecy

The Invention Secrecy Act of 1951 has been used for more than half a century to restrict disclosure of patent applications that could be “detrimental to national security.” At the end of the last fiscal year, no fewer than 5,321 secrecy orders were in effect.

These secrecy orders have been difficult to penetrate and the stories behind them have usually been left untold.  But several inventors whose work prompted imposition of a secrecy order were interviewed by G.W. Schulz of the Center for Investigative Reporting.
Posted by vlad on Thursday, March 27, 2014 @ 21:28:17 PDT (450 reads)
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New Energy from the Vacuum DVD available
Testimonials Anthony Craddock writes: "This is probably the most revolutionary tape that has ever been made.

These are the words of John Cejka, considered by some to be one of the premier experts on free energy systems during his lifetime, and who, before his death, donated this tape to John Bedini.

During this two-hour video and together with the late scientist Dr. Jan Merta, Cejka and Merta provide the narration as the filmed demonstration of one device after another challenges belief.

One of the fifty or so attendees, Dr. Merta is shown investigating the devices on-site, in French-speaking Montreal, where the 1985 filming took place at an extraordinary meeting of the Association of Psychic Phenomena in Montreal, sponsored by the Association of Professional Psychologists, and chaired by Dr. Gaston Brosseau, head of Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital Department of Psychology.  Also in attendance was well known author Christopher Bird, together with Dr. Bernard Grad, noted paranormal researcher from McGill University in Montreal.
Posted by vlad on Thursday, January 23, 2014 @ 20:20:23 PST (2423 reads)
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BlackLight Power, Inc. Announces the Game Changing Achievement
Testimonials BlackLight Power, Inc. Announces the Game Changing Achievement of the Generation of Millions of Watts of Power from the Conversion of Water Fuel to a New Form of Hydrogen

Cranbury, NJ (January 14, 2014) — BlackLight Power, Inc. (BLP) today announced that it has produced millions of watts of power with its breakthrough Solid Fuel-Catalyst-Induced-Hydrino-Transition (SF-CIHT) patent pending technology in its laboratories.

Using a proprietary water-based solid fuel confined by two electrodes of a SF-CIHT cell, and applying a current of 12,000 amps through the fuel, water ignites into an extraordinary flash of power. The fuel can be continuously fed into the electrodes to continuously output power. BlackLight has produced millions of watts of power in a volume that is one ten thousandths of a liter corresponding to a power density of over an astonishing 10 billion watts per liter. As a comparison, a liter of BlackLight power source can output as much power as a central power generation plant exceeding the entire power of the four former reactors of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, the site of one of the worst nuclear disasters in history.

Posted by vlad on Sunday, January 19, 2014 @ 18:47:58 PST (2630 reads)
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How are we doing?
Testimonials Quite a few people did bother to reply to my Season Greetings e-mail. I got everything from a three letter "thx", to rants of an anarchist nature about the need for a creative destruction to save the world from itself. But here is one, from my old friend Doug, one of the original ZPEnergy moderators, that I think simply sums things up as they are:

"Hi Vlad, Nice to hear from you. I have collected many proposals for new energy systems, but so far none have made it to Walmart, and aside from a few hybrids, most vehicles on the road still run on gasoline or diesel, though a friend of mine had a Benz that ran on leftover restaurant oil, but he moved back to Austria -- and his personal DIY is by no means a solution for the world.   Maybe our future is C3PO and R2D2, but I still do not grasp what they ingest for fuel.  The US seems to be banking on achieving  fossil fuel energy self-sufficiency for a few years by offshore oil drilling, fracking the country's underlayment and hastening the toxification of our aquifers and surface waters. I question the wisdom of such strategies undertaken in the name of long-term planning, but the media are in the hands of those who know better.
Posted by vlad on Wednesday, December 25, 2013 @ 17:16:30 PST (1554 reads)
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Research papers of Ken Shoulders
Testimonials On KeelyNet.com Jerry Decker writes: I mirrored the late Ken Shoulders website on Keelynet to insure the information he amassed doesn't go away. I put it in html and added a brief abstract of each PDF. It also has his videos and experimental aircraft projects.

Ken's unique discovery of EVOs (exotic vacuum object) resulted in an 86 page patent which is the first to successfully mention Zero Point Energy as part of the EVO effect.
Posted by vlad on Wednesday, December 11, 2013 @ 19:37:06 PST (1462 reads)
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Why I'm Destined to Become the Richest Man in the World -- for Good
Sterling David Allan (pesn.com) writes: "Yes, I'm involved in what is sure to be the next huge thing: exotic free energy roll-out worldwide, but that's only part of the reason why I believe I'll become the richest man in the world. And it's not about ego, but about lifting others to also be successful in filling their God-ordained missions in life.

I know; that's quite the precocious story title, and it's sure to evoke quite a few snickers and snarls, especially since in the 11½ years that I've been running this exotic free energy news and networking service, I've had the "donations" hat out quite often. Even now, we still need the augmentation of donations to get by.
Posted by vlad on Sunday, November 17, 2013 @ 22:23:06 PST (1236 reads)
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Implications of Extraterrestrial Technology by Thomas Valone PhD
Testimonials Tom Valone writes: ... Here is a link to my 10 minute testimonial at the same event (which we reported on last month) that you also may enjoy:

Reprinted from www.IntegrityResearchInstitute.org Future Energy eNews, May, 2013, also posted online: ... While the mainstream believe that fossil fuels, nuclear power and renewables are all there is, a government technology guru told me last week that almost every major industry has a "Free Energy Guy" who keeps his finger on the pulse of the energy wild card that may break any day.

Posted by vlad on Sunday, June 09, 2013 @ 22:35:20 PDT (2516 reads)
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Sirius Premiere
Testimonials Dr. Steven Greer writes: Thank you so much for your support.  We have sold out the 800 seat main theater for the Sirius premiere in Los Angeles, BUT you may still be part of the excitement.  We have engaged another theater in the same complex.  Be part of the red carpet excitement and see the film when it is presented to a theater audience for the 1st time.

April 22, 2013 - Regal Cinemas LA Live
1000  W. Oympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Red Carpet opens at 7 pm, Preshow remarks from Dr. Greer at 7:45 (Theater A only), Screening at 8 pm sharp. Tickets are only available on-line.  No tickets will be sold at the door.
Posted by vlad on Wednesday, April 03, 2013 @ 23:35:10 PDT (3254 reads)
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Testimonials In EGO OUT Peter Gluck writes: I have dedicated to Cold Fusion then LENR then HHENI almost a third of my (professional) life time and therefore I am very dedicated to it and I have huge expectations for/from it. It is not necessary any mental effort for me to perform kind of personification of LENR and to wish it, at this New Year celebration, the classic:

Vivat, crescat, floreat LENR! 
(i.e. May it live, grow and flourish!)
Posted by vlad on Sunday, January 06, 2013 @ 10:51:49 PST (2408 reads)
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American Antigravity site rebuild complete!
Testimonials Tim Ventura writes on FB: AAG REBUILD COMPLETE! Thank God, I'm exhausted!

NOW there are 310 stories, videos, and interviews online, all with descriptions & thumbnails, plus a great waterfall menu system to make it easier to find stuff. I'll be adding even more new material soon, but at the moment I'm just happy to have EVERYTHING back online....years of work, available again for the first time in years...
Posted by vlad on Monday, October 08, 2012 @ 11:19:25 PDT (1619 reads)
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LENR Gets Major Boost From National Instruments
Testimonials by Steven B. Krivit/ New Energy Times: National Instruments, a major U.S. company that produces tools for engineers and scientists, sponsored a demonstration of a nickel-hydrogen gas low-energy nuclear reaction reactor on Monday at its annual NI Week trade show at the Austin Convention Center in Texas. National Instruments is also sponsoring talks there on LENR research.

According to a source at the show who spoke with James Truchard, co-founder, president and chief executive officer of National Instruments, Truchard is very interested in LENR research.

New Energy Times spoke with Julia Britts, media relations manager for National Instruments, on Monday to get more information about Truchard’s interest in LENR, but neither got back to New Energy Times before we went to press.*

Posted by vlad on Wednesday, August 08, 2012 @ 21:48:17 PDT (1519 reads)
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* REVOLUTIONARY * Video released in 6 days - from the Bedini-Lindemann 2012 Conf
Testimonials Hi Vlad,
You're in for an incredible ride over the next several months! The conference a few weekends ago was phenomenal and you'll be able to get some of the presentations on video! We are very excited to have been one of the primary sponsors of the conference as the presentations that were shared is totally in alignment with what our mission is.
Posted by vlad on Thursday, July 19, 2012 @ 21:29:43 PDT (3371 reads)
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"Cold Heat from Canada" notes and drawings now available on DVD

Tony Craddock writes: In the 1960s and early 1970s Designex Inc., one of Canada's leading aerospace design firms developed a Fuel less Self-Powering Negative Electricity Generator System, which was previously described by its Chief Designer Ieuan Thomas in the "Cold Heat from Canada" DVD in the "Energy from the Vacuum"TM Science Series.

See the trailer at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fouGaehiIvQ

Thomas' notes and drawings relating to this Self-Powering Generator System, together with much private correspondence, are now available on DVD as Part 19B, and can be purchased separately, or as a two-disc set, with the original one hour Ieuan Thomas interview from the "Energy from the Vacuum"TM Website.

Posted by vlad on Thursday, May 31, 2012 @ 22:02:49 PDT (1621 reads)
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Space, Propulsion & Energy Sciences Internat’l Forum
Testimonials Jeane Manning writes (changingpower.net): Infinite Energy magazine’s editor Christy Frazier had asked me to write a report on the Space, Propulsion and Energy Sciences International Forum, held at the end of February and early March at the University of Maryland. Now, ready to publish,  she sent me a link to the PDF of the article. Pictured at the left is Thomas Valone. With the help of his wife Jacquie and other generous volunteers, Valone organized SPESIF 2012.  The article is long, but it’s only a fraction of what I learned at the conference.
Posted by vlad on Monday, May 07, 2012 @ 15:56:20 PDT (2013 reads)
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Dear friends of Disclosure,

The Disclosure Project and CSETI has teamed up with Emmy award winning filmmaker Amardeep Kaleka to make an historic new documentary on Disclosure, Contact and the suppression of New Energy.

The combination of the extensive top-secret witness testimony and evidence collected by The Disclosure Project will be combined with the highly accomplished filmmaking talent of Mr. Kaleka and his group to make a film that will change the course of history.

No major studio or media group will touch this story : It is simply too explosive and world- changing for large corporate interests to embrace.

Posted by vlad on Friday, April 27, 2012 @ 20:12:31 PDT (3980 reads)
(Read More... | 2611 bytes more | 5 comments | Score: 4.5)

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