Mysterious energy coil video uploaded
Date: Tuesday, October 19, 2004 @ 21:02:00 EDT
Topic: Devices

Stefan Hartmann writes (JLNlabs yahoo group): Hi All, I have received a video from Lindsay Mannix, which I have converted for smaller size, it is now 11 MBytes big and now in AVI format playable in all Mediaplayers from WIn95B on.

It seems to show 2 solid state free energy converters.

The first is a toroid ring like coil structure, that can put out around 183 Volts ( probably DC) and can power via a DC to AC converter a TV set or a drilling machine or a handheld vacuumcleaner which is said normally uses 6 amperes ( probably at 120 Volts).

So this already shows around 700 Watts of output power !

The toroid ring coil is around 10 to 15 cm diameter only ! They let it run on the TV set pretty long while the other device is shown, probably for around 8 to 9 minutes !

The second unit shown is quite bigger, around 50 cm in diameter and fitted on a wooden frame. It puts out 875 Volts !( probably also DC ) It is said, that it wants to keep the position on the table and resists againts moving, something like a gyroscopic anti-move effect !

Well, here you can see this guy light up 10 incandescent bulbs (each probably around 60 to 100 Watts) and also he shows how much power is at the connector by doing a short circuit which gives a very bright lighting arc, so you see that there is really good power coming out of the unit ! He bubbles something, that this can only be done by DC such a lightning arc...

The sound on the video is unfortunately hard to hear, what they speak about it , but from the video this is quite an impressive demo, if it is not somehow faked...

The persons, that are in the room and that have a look at these units also try themself the bigger unit with itīs anti-moving gyro effect and confirm the mysterious anti-move effect...

Hmm, very strange... Does anybody know, who the inventor is of these 2 units ?


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