New Navy Report Supports Cold Fusion
Date: Sunday, April 14, 2002 @ 01:07:00 EDT
Topic: General

Now, let's see if Dr. Frank E. Gordon, Head, Navigation and Applied Sciences Department, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego, ends up in a military court for saying:

"As I write this Foreword, California is experiencing rolling blackouts due to power shortages. Conventional engineering, planned ahead, could have prevented these blackouts, but it has been politically expedient to ignore the inevitable. We do not know if Cold Fusion will be the answer to future energy needs, but we do know the existence of Cold Fusion phenomenon through repeated observations by scientists throughout the world. It is time that this phenomenon be investigated so that we can reap whatever benefits accrue from additional scientific understanding. It is time for government funding organizations to invest in this research."
Read more info in the letter from Eugene Mallove, editor of the Infinite Energy magazine, you can find in the downloads section, New-Energy topic .

These reports are available at:
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Vol. II, 178 pgs, 42,810 kbytes

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