SWAS Power Spheres
Date: Tuesday, May 25, 2004 @ 22:43:28 GMT
Topic: Devices

The SWAS (Sphere Within A Sphere) theory is the product of four decades of extensive individual and group discussion specialized and broadcast reading and general research.

SWAS Power Spheres will eliminate all major mains power raw material production and processing facilities and vehicle/motor propulsion units.

The concept is described as SWAS (Sphere Within A Sphere). The following material is a general description of a means to neutralize the effects of gravity and to afford practical space travel for human beings. The fundamental device is a workable machine whether small and experimental (baseball size) or large enough to carry numerous humans inside that is composed of two spheres that rotate in opposite directions to each other...

See their site: http://www.swas.org/index.htm

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