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Date: Saturday, August 27, 2022 @ 16:00:51 GMT

Via e-catworld.com: posted by Cashmemorz: Two updates, August 18, 2022, from Brilliant Light and Power:

Update 1: "New extraordinary Hydrino confirmation by FTIR that resolves the experimental mysteries of so-called “metaborate monomer” data..":


Update 2: "The engineering of the commercial prototype Suncell having a light-bulb design is near completion. Tests are planned to start next week.":

This is an excerpt from:

This is in keeping with the expected, 2023, commercialization via leasing of the Suncell. The first places to get the benefit of this extremely low cost way of producing power, will be small, local grids of electric power installations in Canada and Mexico. The USA, due to the belligerent attitude expressed by their energy sector and their academia toward Mills work, is not going to get the benefit of the Suncell or any other items already made or to be made by any of Mills companies or collaborators. That is how sanctions work on those (certain editors on Wikipedia, gate keepers of academic physics like Robert Park) that have been holding back Mills' theory and its intended benefit towards humanity. Mills has taken a page from Europe and North America in how to treat those, such a Putin, who is continuing to cause harm to humanity.

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