Rossiís Zero Point Energy Theory
Date: Monday, September 06, 2021 @ 22:56:22 GMT
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Via Synopsis of Rossi’s Zero Point Energy Theory

Here is an interesting question of question and answer from the Journal of Nuclear Physics today in which Andrea Rossi gives a little synopsis about where he believes the energy of the E-Cat comes from. The paper he refers to in his comment is long and complicated, and I think very difficult for most non-experts to understand, so it is helpful to a person like me to see his thinking in a shortened form.

Steven N. Karels (August 28, 2021 at 6:00 PM): Dear Andrea Rossi,

I am trying to understand your paper. My understanding suggests that the zero energy in space, as predicted and observed from Quantum Mechanics, is stored in the aggregate electron structures, which, in turn, yield the stored energy to the eCat-SKL when they randomize?

Andrea Rossi (August 29, 2021 at 12:17 AM): Steven N. Karels,

If I understood, you mean that energy is generated as follows:

Point zero energy-> dV/dT with high dV-> electrons phase change-> formation of electrons clusters in phase-> lower entropy, lower thermal capacity and restricted freedom degrees-> transfer of energy to electrons not in phase->photons emission (second thermodynamic principle not applicable)-> electrons flow continues the cycle. If so, I agree.

Warm Regards,
There’s a lot in even this short statement to digest, but I think it is useful to see it mapped out like this and could be a good starting point to help us understand what Rossi thinks is going on. He has been working with his E-Cat for years, and has said that what he sees in his experiments with the E-Cat bears out his theoretical model. No one has had more experience with the E-Cat than himself, so I think it is wise to give his ideas consideration.

Extract from comments: Axil, this is interesting, however, whatever theory is proposed, it must explain the capture of and transport of nucleons by EVOs - like that characterised by Shishkin et. al. over 9 years and reported here: Moreover, we have seen something similar, with F extracted from PTFE and Ti from Ti in the Ohmasa Gas + Ti vs PTFE experiment.

Axil Axil: The holes seen in the video are produced by spin vortex tubes that projects from the center of the EVO. These tubes being in anti space, carry the influence of the matter destabilizing Black hole.

Nucleon transport is caused by the disruption of the molecular structure of matter by the absorption of electrons from that matter as the EVO grows in size. This is caused a chain reaction where electrons are attracted to the positive core of the EVO before the electrons are converted to tachyons. Ionized material is now free to move until it reestablishes when molecular structure is reformed. The EVO breaks up matter through the powerful absorption of electrons. This process also makes hard metals soft for a period until new electrons reform ionized molecular bonds.

When an EVO becomes unstable, a Bosenova(as seen in VEGA) occurs; tachyons convert back to electrons in a expulsive process where vacuum energy is transformed to electrical energy. It is these high energy electrons that are captured in the SKL reactor.

Regarding K-radiation, in going through the video, "the signal" is formed when an EVO goes Bosenova. This explosion produces Bremsstrahlung when the vacuum is converted to energy. Up to gamma rays of 1.5 MeV are formed when the exploding electron cluster transfers the energy of the vacuum into electron movement at light speed that interacts with surrounding matter causing electron path changes.

We see these exploding electron clusters in the VEGA experiment. We hear these election expulsions produce AM radio signals. In VEGA, we should measure the production of radiation to see if Bremsstrahlung radiation is being produced.

Axil Axil: I hope to show you a concept called anti space that might explain some the things that the EVO does. The electrons become tachyons when they condense under the influence of a superconductor . These tachyons generate anti space inside an EVO. It is anti space that is the main actor in transmutation.

You will notice that transmutation or matter disappearance does not effect (reflect or retard) the motion of the EVO. For example, an EVO will carve an parabolic strange radiation track without any distortion in the shape of the parabolic curve.

Matter cannot exist in anti space. When in anti space, matter becomes pure energy. When the EVO is terminated, that energy reverts back to matter if it has not been absorbed inside a collocated micro black hole formed within anti space.

Most of the matter absorbed in anti space falls into a micro black hole and is lost. But some residual energy remains to form transmuted elements when the EVO terminates.

When matter reforms form this residual energy, it is stable... not radioactive. This is due to the inference of the collocated micro black hole inside the EVO that distorts (stops time).

One of the most important finding made by Ken Shoulders is that the EVO contains a black hole. Nobody is covering this important part of the nature of the EVO. Tragically. this finding is being lost over the course of time. The formation of this black hole is due to anti space and is where matter goes when it disappears.

The scientific name for anti space is "anti-de sitter space".

It is a type of space in which any matter that exists in it will collapse into a black hole... due to a negative cosmological constant.

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