New Bedini Release: Intrigue & The Bedini/TUV Affair
Date: Saturday, August 07, 2021 @ 13:06:12 GMT
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Anthony Craddock writes: Part 42: Intrigue & The Bedini/TUV Affair

Photo: John Bedini working inside the Faraday cage during filming by Hamilton Productions.

This DVD, featuring interviews with John Bedini and his financier Jay Edington, spans a time interval of several decades, and should have been the documentary about one of the 20th Century's biggest success stories — certification of a free energy device by the world's leading electrical testing company, TÜV, headquartered in Germany.

In 2000,  TÜV were hired by Jay Edington to send an engineer from their San Diego office to the Bedini Lab in Idaho to test and validate the Bedini motors' performance.

The resulting report was expected to attest to the Bedini motors' overunity capabilities.

This would then have allowed widespread commercialization.

What followed next was a saga that stretched from 2000, disappeared for a while, then surfaced many years later, and is dealt with in this DVD.

It even involved some clever sleuth work, the use of a Private Detective, and a surprise ending.

And as part of the comprehensive validation process, the entire testing process was filmed and time-coded over four days by a professional film production company from Spokane, and all the equipment and batteries were locked up every night by TÜV to avoid any adulteration of the testing process. Even the test table had to be moved to ensure that there were no hidden power sources underneath.

We are now releasing this film for the first time ever—both the Bedini and Edington interviews, and the complete unedited 10 1/2 hour Test Film.

It is absolutely fascinating to follow John Bedini, Tom Bearden and TÜV test engineer Frank Hensel discussing all the aspects of the testing, and especially to listen to Tom Bearden and John explaining to Frank how in fact the true extended electromagnetic theory, much of it hidden in the physics and other textbooks, does in fact “allow” the production of free energy.

This entire ten plus hour testing video is available as an addendum to the basic interviews with John Bedini and Jay Edington and is well worth the extra price as it is essentially a Master Class in how to commercially test for electrical overunity performance.

This lively, informed, and comprehensive interchange between the three major protagonists is indeed worthy of this separate movie release.

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