Date: Tuesday, March 02, 2021 @ 10:36:59 GMT
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Mark Goldes writes: About 100 years ago, 16 year old Alfred Hubbard invented an autonomous generator without moving parts. The first one lit a lamp. Then he powered an 18’ electric boat that had a 25 Hp motor, in a widely viewed public demonstration on a lake in Seattle. Next he removed a 40 Hp engine from a car and replaced it with his invention and drove it around Everett, WA.

Scientists were baffled (and still are). The generator never made it into production. Had it done so, we might not be confronting a climate emergency.

A contemporary inventor in Russia (and his partner) have discovered how the Hubbard generator functioned. They are developing a contemporary version.

Once in production, a 5 kW model is expected to occupy a volume of one cubic foot. It will be an inexpensive 24/7 replacement for rooftop photovoltaics.

A Proof of Concept prototype needs to be constructed. It may develop 2 or 3 kW. That project is expected to take less than six months.

The funds needed to establish a firm to patent and license the generator are being arranged.

The prototype budget is $10,000 USD and is needed in the interim.

If anyone might be interested in providing all or part of those funds, please contact me: mark@aesopenergy.com  707 861-9070

There is substantial additional information at MOVING BEYOND OIL on the aesopinstitute.org

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