WEM has completed the process of evaluating preliminary proposals
Date: Wednesday, July 09, 2003 @ 02:18:57 EDT
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This appears to be the latest from GWE/WEM (selection claimed to be from recent correspondence of GWE/WEM with potential licensees):

“…World Energy Management has completed the process of evaluating preliminary proposals and has executed confidentiality agreements with prospective Edison Technology licensees…

Currently, there are three remaining steps involved in the process for potential licensees prior to receiving a license.

1. You must supplement your proposal with specific information on configurations (models) that you would like to offer your customers. Based on the information you provide, you will be given specific manufacturing and cost information related to each of the models you wish to offer your customers.
2. You will be provided with specific license agreement language.
3. You will be permitted to examine and evaluate production representative examples of the specific product model configurations you have elected to offer your customers.

In an effort to expedite the process of bringing the Edison Technology to market, you will not be asked to travel to GWE facilities to complete the license and evaluation processes more than once…

The first part of this process requires you to inform GWE concerning the electrical and gas consumption requirements for each model of the Edison Device that would best and completely serve the respective customer base for your nation. This information will enable GWE to develop the most economical and reliable approach to manufacturing the specific models that would best serve your customers, and, additionally, supply you with suggestions for fine tuning specific configuration options.

In developing this information for GWE, it is important to keep in mind that customers are capable of linking numerous Edison Devices together to meet their individual needs. As such, you may wish to configure each model so that it meets the needs of the majority of customers within the market segments you have elected to support. In selecting potential configurations, a balance should be struck between customers who will use less energy and those who will use moderately more. As an example, the process development device pictured on the GWE website produces 190 Kwh of electricity per 24-hour day and the equivalent of 20 therms of customer usable gas energy per 24-hour day. Scaling a home version of the Edison Device at this level might be “overkill” for many homes and would add unacceptable and needless customer purchase cost.

All Edison Technology is essentially the same. Licensees will distinguish their product offerings in the market place from other competing manufacturers of the Edison Device by closely matching models to the majority of their customers needs.

The information GWE needs from you regarding EACH MODEL you wish to offer customers is as follows:

1. How many kilowatt-hours of electricity will need to be delivered to customers using each model?
2. How many therms of natural gas will each model need to supply customers per 24-hour day? (GWE will calculate the conversion from natural gas to hydrogen)
3. What voltage amount must be supplied to your customers?

Please keep in mind that three single-phase producing Edison Devices typically supply three-phase industrial electricity…

This supplemental information must be received no later than July 31, 2003 in order for you to qualify for the 2003 licensing year. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions...”

Is anybody out there that can confirm this? [vlad]

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